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Saturday, November 6th 2004

In the Championship Game, Midas Touchdowns defeated the Tool Mice 26-21. Matt Speck threw to Dennis Dickson on the last play of the game for the winning score. Midas started the game off strong with Speck throwing 2 TDs to Sean Geraghty to lead 12-0. Tim Wilson threw to Dave Bolger for a score on the last play of the half to narrow the lead to 12-8. Bolger & Mark Reilly each scored 3rd quarter TDs to build the lead to 21-12. Speck hit brother Brad with a 4th quarter TD to bring the score to 21-20 & set up the last second heroics.

In the semi-finals, the Tool Mice upset the previously undefeated Cowboys 20-14, with Wilson throwing 3 long TD scores to Mark Reilly. Steve Cove Jr & Steve Michel replied for the Cowboys. Midas got to the finals by narrowly defeating the Edugators 20-13. Matt Speck threw scores to Brad Speck & Pete Atkinson while running for a score himself. Andrew Jackson threw to Ian Pattison & ran for a TD for the Edugators.

At the banquet, Matt Speck was named playoff MVP, Dennis Dickson was Rookie-of-the-Year, Kevin Perkins was the Interceptions leader, Drew McKibbon was the Sack Leader & Ron Buttle was the leading scorer in the league.

Oct 13
A pair of Sunglasses were found on the stands at
Commonwealth Field on Sunday. You can contact Greg Cowan of the Mother's
on Sunday to get them.

Oct 11, 2004
Some new photo's have been added.

Oct 4, 2004

It looks like Thanksgiving will be celebrated with a Hot Dog Day at Commonwealth Field after the Sunday games.


October 1, 2004

New information has been released. The Camera has been returned, without a ransom being paid.
(I was thinking the abductor had a heart until I looked at the pictures!)
The UNKNOWN abductor secretly returned the camera by courier. The camera had a few more mysterious pictures that should be viewed.

Ransom Demands

September 26, 2004

Some Excitement other than football on Sunday at the TISS field.
There appeared to be a new ABDUCTION

An Innocent fan watching the second game had a mysterious abduction happen. For no apparent reason, this poor victim had his Digital camera abducted with many league pictures and videos on it. An hour later, a ransom was received at the GREATLY distressed victims house! The ransom demand appeared to be recorded on the victims own camera and sent to a third party for distribution. The ransom and picture evidence found from the camera can be found at the following link -

Ransom Demands

If anyone has any info on this abduction before the ransom is paid, please email to the address at the bottom of this page. PLEASE HELP!!!! There was no date on the ransom, but the VICTIM would like the safe return of the camera!!
All information will be kept in strict league confidence!

September 11, 2004

Note: The biggest trade in league history occurred over the weekend before the season started. A 3 way trade that saw the Redmen trade Andrew Jackson to the Edugators who in turn sent Tim Hatfield to the Offenders who sent Paul Cauley to the Redmen.

September 9, 2004

In an eventful draft last evening, the Brockville Men's Touch Football League picked the teams for its 29th season. With the first overall pick, Brad Speck picked his brother Matt, in a move that will keep peace in the household, but not necessarily lead to success on the field. In a shocking move, Rob Moyse picked Steve White's pocket with the second pick by selecting quarterback Andrew Jackson. When White's turn to pick came, he declined to pick a quarterback, and by the end of the draft was left with a roster with no experienced signal caller. Perennial contender (and defending champion for four years running) Tom Tobin grabbed the formidable receiver Kevin Perkins with the third pick of the draft. The Cowboys are the smart money's pick to be playing in the championship game in November. Veteran receiver David Bolger was claimed by quarterback Tim Wilson in the first round in an attempt to recapture past glory, and a balanced roster makes them a team to watch. For the Mothers, it was the end of an era, as past stalwarts Jim Paul and Norm Farrow did not sign up, and past hero Dale DeJong was claimed by the Offenders. Ageless quarterback Steve Lawn returned to the general draft, and the Offenders should not be counted out. While the league lost several beloved veterans, it welcomed a greatly increased number of high school players, as well as other newcomers. With eight strong teams this season, the league is healthier than ever, and all signs point to an exciting, competitive season.


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