Playoffs Oct 30, 2005
Edugators 14    Vikings 6
Andrew Jackson threw scoring passes to Steve White & 
Ryan Billings, while Mike Landon hit Steve Sims for 
the Vikings.  
Cowboys 41    Willyfish 8
Tom Tobin threw 2 TDs to Greg Hall plus scores to 
Mark Riley, Adam McNish,  & Pete Atkinson while receiving 
a TD pass from Mark Whitton.  Joe Wilson hit Steve Cove Jr. 
for the Willyfish's lone score.
Lions 27    Toolmen 8
No. 6 ranked Lions upset No. 3 ranked Toolmen with Kevin 
Perkins throwing TD passes to Dave Bolger & Mike Cameron, 
plus running for a TD himself.  Will Clark returned an 
interception for a TD to seal the victory.  
Keystorm 25    Whistling Mothers 0
Action next Saturday has Keystorm vs. the Lions at 11 am 
at Commonwealth field, while the Cowboys take on the 
Edugators at 11 am at TISS.  Championship Final will be 
held between the 2 semi-final victors after these games 
at the Commonwealth field.  The 30th Anniversary Banquet 
will follow at the Keystorm Pub.
Week 7 Oct 23, 2005
Mothers 15 Relics 14
In a tightly fought game, the last playoff spot was 
determined when the Mothers stopped the Relics deep 
in their own end, to clinch the victory.  Leigh Howard 
threw scores to Matt McNish & Greg (eyes wide shut) Cowan.  
Randy Bertrand replied with scoring throws to 
Rob Moyse & Nathan Moyse.
Keystorm 27 Edugators 0
In a limited game the Irish locked up 1st place by 
defeating the Edugators.  Brad Speck each ran for 
a score + Speck threw TDs to Dale DeJong & Vern Markell
Edugators 21 Willyfish 14
Andrew Jackson threw 2 TDs to Sean Geraghty & another 
to Ryan Billings for the Edugators.  Travis Brennan 
had both scores for the Willyfish.
Vikings 9 Willyfish 6
Mike Landon to Dave Corney for the victors while 
Joe Wilson hit Steve Cove Jr for the Willyfish
Cowboys 33 Lions 13
Paul Cauley had 2 TD's while Adam McNish, Dan Powers 
& Tom Tobin each scored.  Kevin Perkins threw to Scott 
Bennett & Kevin Harper for the Lions.
Toolmen 21 Lions 14
Tim Wilson had 2 TD throws to Tim Hatfield + another 
to Jr Yee.  Kevin Perkins replied with a scoring toss 
to Kevin Harper.
See the Playoff schedule from the first page 
for next weeks games.
Week 6 Oct 16, 2005
Keystorm 25 Vikings 6
Loan Duong threw TD scores to Tom Curson & Dale DeJong.  
Vern Markell threw a TD to Brad Speck while Dale DeJong 
scored off a lateral of a Joe David interception.  Mike 
Landon threw to Dave Corney for the Vikings.
Lions 25 Mothers 14
Kevin Perkins threw 3 TDs to Dave Bolger while Will Clark 
returned an interception for  a TD.  Leigh Howard threw 
TDs to Matt McNish & Greg Cowan.
Cowboys 33 Mothers 20
Mark Reilly had 3 TDs while Paul Cauley had 2 more for 
the Cowboys.  Matt McNish had all 3 of the Mothers scores.
Toolmen 7 Edugators 0 (Default)
Willyfish 7 Relics 0 (Default)
Next week's final regular season's games are:
Games at Commonwealth
Mothers vs Relics 8:00 for the final playoff spot
Cowboys vs Lions 9:30  
Toolmen vs Lions 11:00  
At TISS the games are 
Vikings vs Willyfish 8:00
Edugators vs Willyfish 9:30
Keystorm vs Edugators  11:00
Week 5 Oct 09, 2005
Keystorm 28 Cowboys 14
With less than 2 minutes left, Matt Tobin picked off a pass in the end zone, lateralled to Brad Speck who returned it the length of the field to cement Keystorm's victory over the Cowboys.  Speck also threw 2 scores to Tom Curson & Vern Markell while Loan Duong returned a kickoff for another TD. Mark Whitton & Shane St. John scored for the Cowboys.
Keystorm 18 Willyfish 0
Loan Duong, Brad Speck & Dale DeJong scored for the Keystorm.
Vikings 35 Edugators 14
Mike Landon threw 3 TD's to Drew McKibbon + 2 more to Johnny Marshall in the victory.    Ryan Billings & Steve White scored for the ailing Edugators.
Lions 36 Relics 0
Kevin Perkins threw 2 scores each to Dave Bolger & Scott Bennett plus another to Mark Spence for the Lions.
Toolmen 27 Mothers 18
In other action, the Toolmen defeated the Mothers, but no stats were available.
Week 4 Oct 02, 2005
Toolmen 30    Keystorm 28
Tm Wilson hit Tim Hatfield with a late score to edge the
 Keystorm.  Steve Emery had 2 TD's,  & one each to Dennis 
Dixon & Derrick White.  Brad Speck threw to Vern Markell, 
Dale Dejong & Tom Curson & ran for another.
Cowboys 33    Willyfish 0
Tom Tobin threw TD score to Dan Powers, Pete Atkinson, 
Shane St. John plus ran for a score himself.  Mark Whitton 
threw another TD pass to Dan Powers.
Edugators 33    Relics 8
Ryan Billings had 3 TD's, Jordan Latham & Jason Baker had 
touchdowns also for the Edugators.  Melcher threw to 
Rob Moyse for the Relics.
Vikings split their doubleheader defeating the Mothers, 
but losing to the Lions.  Scoring for the Mothers were 
Al Brown & Tim Caldwell.  No stats available.
Week 3 Sept 25, 2005
Willyfish 33 Mothers 6
The Willyfish used 4 interception returns for TD's, 2 by 
Pierce Lapensee & 1 each for Pat Devaney & Steve Cove Jr, 
to defeat the Mothers.  Joe Wilson threw to Mike Taylor 
for the other score.  Leigh Howard threw to Al Brown for 
the Mothers.
Vikings 19 Toolmen 18
Vikings upset an undermanned Toolmen team.  Tim Wilson 
threw 2 TD's to Rob Ashton plus returned an interception 
for the Toolmen.  No stats available for the Vikings.
Keystorm 21 Lions 18
Brad Speck threw 3 TD's to Loan Duong for the Irish.  
Kevin Perkins replied with scoring passes to Mike 
Cameron, Wes Harris & Dan Brady.
Cowboys 22 Relics 6
Tom Tobin threw TD scores to Mark Reilly & Paul Cauley + 
Mark Whitton threw one to Adam McNish.  Rob Moyse replied 
with a scoring toss to Chris(son of Too Loud) MacLeod.
Cowboys 35 Edugators 26
Tom Tobin threw 2 TD's each to Mark Reilly & Dave Serviss 
+ ran for another TD.  Andrew Jackson threw 2 scores to Dave 
Edwards & TD's to Steve White & Ryan Billings. 


Week 2   Sept 18, 2005
Toolmen 20        Cowboys 20
Tim Wilson hit Tim Hatfield for a touchdown, and Dennis 
Dickson for a tying 2-pt convert late in the game versus 
the Cowboys.  Steve Emery and Rob Ashton also scored for 
the Toolmen while Greg Hall, Dave Serviss, & Dan Powers 
replied for the Cowboys.
Keystorm 27        Relics 7
Loan Duong threw scoring passes to Matt Tobin, Tom Curson, 
Shane Granger & Bob Houston.
Vikings 27        Relics 0
Mike Landon of the Vikings threw scoring touchdowns to 
Dave Corney, John Marshall and Herb Cloutier while running 
for a TD himself.
Edugators 27        Mothers 12
Steve White threw touchdown passes to Dave Edwards, 
Ryan Billings, and Jordan Latham plus ran for another 
touchdown.  Leigh Howard threw touchdown passes to 
Matt McNish and Al Brown for the Mothers.
Lions 32        Willyfish 12
Kevin Perkins threw 2 TD passes to Dave Bolger plus 
scores to Mike Cameron, Dan Brady & Will Clark.  
Joe Wilson threw a touchdown pass to Ron Buttle while 
Steve Cove Jr. returned a kickoff for the Willyfish.
Week 1   Sept 11, 2005
Toolmen 29 Relics 7 
Tim Wilson threw  2 TDs to Tim Hatfield + 1 each to 
Steve Emery & Derrick White.  Tony Melchers threw 
to Colin Jardine for the Relics.
Toolmen 39 Willyfish 6 
Tim Wilson threw 2 TDs to Steve Emery + 1 each to 
Dave Rigutto, Jason Sheridan & Kevin Neadow + 
lateralled an interception Tim Hatfield for the 
final score.  Ron Buttle returned an INT for a TD 
for the Willyfish.
Keystorm Irish 26 Whistlin' Mothers 12  
Loan Duong threw TD scores to Matt Tobin & Brad Speck + 
Brad returned an INT for a TD.  Leigh Howard threw TD 
scores to Matt McNish & Tim Caldwell for the Mothers.
Edugators 22 Lions 19  
Andrew Jackson threw 2 TDs to Steve White + 1 to 
Dave Edwards for the winners.
Cowboys 35 Vikings 0  
Adam McNish scored 2 TDs + Pete Atkinson, Dave Jeggo 
& Greg Hall each scored.


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