Week  Play Offs  November 04,, 2007


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Week 8  October 28, 2007



Mice Boys 30   Irish 0


Tom Tobin threw 3 TDs to Dave Bolger & another to Nathan Moyse.  Bolger threw another

scoring toss to Joe David to round out the scoring for the Mice Boys.


Mustangs 25   Lions 18


Noopi Dhaliwhal threw 3 TDs to Simon Labbett & another to Kevin Harper to help the Mustangs

win the Smith-Baker conference.


Toolmen 16   Edugators 6


Tim Wilson threw TDs to Dave Edwards & Josh McKinnon to lead the Toolmen.


Mothers 18     Youngbloods 0


Jeff McNish scored 2 TDs & Matt Walker scored another to clinch a bye for the Mothers.


Browns 18   Marauders 8


Vern Markell threw a TD to Will Clark, Steve Emery threw a TD to Colin Jardine & Clark returned

an interception for another TD for the Browns.


Freedom 55 21   Bengals 12


No data for the winners but Tom Curson had TD passes to Scott Moore & Mark McLean for the




Week 7  October 21, 2007


Irish 24    Mustangs 18


The Irish handed the short-handed Mustangs their 1st loss of the season.  Leigh Howard threw

TDs to Tim Hatfield, Dan Powers, Dan Thompson &Tony Melcher to lead the Irish.  Noopi

Dhaliwhal replied with 2 scoring tosses to Rick Binkle & another to Steve Roney.


Mice Boys    36 Lions 0


Dave Wood intercepted 2 early passes to help jumpstart the Mice Boys' victory.  Tom Tobin threw

2 scores each to Dave Bolger & Rob Moyse with another to Andrew MacDonald.  Bolger also had

a scoring toss to Joe David to help knock the Lions from the ranks of the undefeated.


Mothers 26    Bengals 14


Matt McNish threw 2 TDs to Matt Walker & another to Jeff McNish as well as running for another

score to help keep the Mothers in the race for the final playoff bye.  Tom Curson threw a TD to

Scott Moore and Jay Sheridan returned a kick for the Bengals scoring.


Toolmen 28    Browns 14


Tim Wilson spread TD throws to Matt Tobin, Adam McNish, Dustin Payne & Josh McKinnon to

lead the Toolmen.  Vern Markell threw TD passes to Pete Atkinson & Dave Corney for the



Edugators 35    Youngbloods 0


Steve white threw 5 TD passes - 2 to Pat Devaney & 1 each to Brian McCarthy, Wade Mooney &

Jeff Severson.


Freedom 55 33    Marauders 6


Brad Speck had 2 scores, Sean Gerraghty & Kent Henderson 1 each, plus Lucas Pearson

returned an interception for a TD to lead the Freedom 55 squad.  Noel Gottfried threw to Mike

Stafford for the Marauders.



Week 6  October 14, 2007


Edugators  36   Bengals 18


Steve white threw TD passes to Brian McCarthy, Junior Yee, Pat Devaney and Mark Tobin and also ran

one in.  Tom Curson threw 3 TDs , two to Scott Moore and one to Dennis Dickson.



Mustangs  26  Marauders  13


Noopie Dhaliwal threw 2 TD’s each to Simon Labett and Paul Cauley.  For the Marauders, Noel Geoofried

threw TDs to Dave McGill and Tyler Andress.



Irish  21      Freedom 55   20


The Irish scored 4 TDs, with Leigh Howard throwing 3 and somehow running in one himself.  TD passes

were to Steve Michel, Shane Granger and Tony Melcher.   Freedom 55 had Brad Speck throwing TDs to

Sean Geraghty, Steve Roney and Ben Wylie.



Mice Boys  13     Toolmen   8


The Mice Boys had the Former Whistlin’ Mother, Rob Moyse throw 2 Touchdowns to Andrew MacDonald

for the win with only 6 players.  The Toolmen’s Tim Wilson thew a TD pass to Dustin Payne.



Mothers  19     Browns  13


The Mothers have another win, this time using back-up Quarterback Matt Walker. The youngest starting

QB to ever win a BMTFL game.   Matt at his first start as QB for the Mothers, played a strong game and

pulled out a win in the 4th quarter.  Quite possibly, young Matt will not remain BACK-UP anymore!  Matt

threw TD passes to Drew McKibbon and Jeff McNish.  The Browns Vern Markell threw 2 Touchdowns to

Dave Corney.  A good defensive game was played with many double rushes, leading to Mike Harper

having 4 Sacks and Mat Sakowsky having 3 sacks.



Lions  26    Youngbloods 0


The Lions scored touchdowns thrown from Mark Reilly to Mike Wooller, Shawn Wood and 2 to Mike







Week 5  October 08, 2007


Lions 48   Bengals 0


Mike Cameron & Casey Reilly each had 3 TDs to lead the rout of the Bengals. 

Shawn Woods also scored for the victors.


Mice Boys 41   Edugators 0


Tom Tobin threw 2 TDs to Joe David and other TDs to Jeremy Adams,

Andrew MacDonald & James MacDonald.  Dave Bolger also threw a TD to

Adams to complete the scoring.  


Freedom 55 19   Toolmen 12


Brad Speck threw 2 scoring tosses to Sean Geraghty and another to Matt Speck

to give Freedom 55 its 1st victory of the year.  Matt Tobin replied with TD throws

to Dave Edwards & Ben Stewart.


Mustangs 20   Youngbloods 12


Kevin Harper scored 3 TDs to help maintain the Mustangs' unblemished record. 

Mike Landon had a TD run & TD pass to Ryan Bertrend for the Youngbloods.


Mothers 19   Marauders 14


Matt McNish had 3 TD passes to Jeff McNish, Matt Walker & Jon Cross to lead the

Mothers.  Dale DeJong threw TDs to Noel Gottfried & Mike Stafford for the Marauders.


Irish 21   Browns 20


Backup QB Tony Melcher had 2 TD throws to Steve Michel and one to Rene Melchers

for the Irish.  Vern Markell had 3 TD passes to Jim Mulville, Dave Corney & Will Clark

for the Browns.



Week 4  September 30, 2007


Mustangs 29   Mothers 20


Mustangs stayed undefeated with Noopi Dhaliwal throwing 3 TDs to Simon Labbett & 1 to Paul

Cauley.  Matt Walker had 2 TDs & Kurt Gebhardt returned an interception for a TD for the



Lions 13   Marauders 12


Mark Reilly is  2 - 0 as the Lions' starting QB.  He threw 2 TDs to Mike Cameron to help edge the

Marauders.  Mike Stafford replied with a TD run plus threw to Derek Sloan for a TD.


Mice Boys 20   Freedom 55 15


Tom Tobin threw TD scores to James MacDonald, Andrew MacDonald & Joe David for the Boys.

Brad Speck replied with scoring passes to Steve Roney & Dan Wylie.


Browns 19   Youngbloods 6


Vern Markell threw 2 TDs to Pete Atkinson & 1 to Will Clark for the victory.  Mike Landon threw a

TD to Ryan Bertrand for the Youngbloods.


Toolmen 14   Bengals 12


Tim Wilson threw TDs to Scott Tedford & Ben Stewart to help the Toolmen get their 1st victory of

the season.  Tom Curson replied with scoring tosses to Chris Kilpatrick & Tim Caldwell.


Irish 33   Edugators 27


Leigh Howard had a big day with 5 TD passes - 3 to Dan Powers, 1 each to Tim Hatfield and

John McIntyre.  The Edugators' Steve White threw 2 scores to Kevin Devaney & another to Scott

Mallory while running for another TD himself.


Week 3  September 23, 2007


Edugators 28   Freedom 55 27


Steve White scored a late 2 point convert to give the Edugators their 1st win of the season. 

White also threw TD's to Pat Devaney, Wade Mooney & Junior Yee while running for another

himself.  Brad Speck replied with TD throws to Matt Speck, Jeff Green, Ben Wylie & Sean



Mustangs 27   Browns 0


Noopi Dhaliwal threw 2 TD's to Rick Binkle & 1 TD to Paul Cauley.  Binkle also scored a TD off a

lateral from a Simon Labbett interception.


Lions 21   Mothers 14


Mark Reilly, making his debut as quarterback, threw TD's to Mike Wooler, Matt Reil & Mike

Cameron to knock off the previous undefeated Mothers.  Mothers' TD's were scored by Matt

 Walker & Jeff McNish.


Youngbloods 16   Marauders 12


Mike Landon threw 2 TD's to Ryan Bertrand for the victors.  Dale DeJong replied with a TD run &

TD throw to Mark McLean.


Irish 19   Toolmen 17


Leigh Howard threw 2 TD's to Loan Duong & another to John McIntyre to lead the come-from-

behind win.  Tim Wilson threw TD scores to Dustin Payne & Adam McNish for the Toolmen.


Mice Boys 20   Bengals 14


Tom Tobin ran for 2 scores & threw a TD to Ben Wilson to edge the Bengals.  Tom Curson threw

TD passes to Jason Sheridan & Scott Moore for the Bengals.




Week 2  September 16, 2007


Bengals 46 Marauders 27


Dennis Dickson threw 2 TDs to Scott Moore with others to Jason Sheridan & Mark McLean. 

Tom Curson threw to Malcolm Stadig while Sheridan returned an interception for another TD.

Dale DeJong replied with 2 scores to Noel Gottfried & 1 each to Mike Stafford & Annan Krishnan.


Mothers 21 Irish 13


Steve Bell, Jeff McNish & Andy Brown scored for the Mothers.  Steve Michel & Cyrus Zomederis

replied for the Irish.


Browns 28 Edugators 6


Vern Markell threw 2 TDs to Dave Corney & 1 score each to Matt Sakowski & Steve Emery. 

Brian McArthy scored for the Edugators.


Mice Boys 38 Youngbloods 0


Tom Tobin threw 2 scores to Dave Bolger with Rob Moyse & Joe David each receiving 1. 

Moyse threw to son Nathan for a TD while Bolger returned an Int for a TD.


Lions 14 Toolmen 14


Mike Cameron kicked a single on the last play of the game to tie the Toolmen. 

Cameron & Mark Reilly scored for the Lions while Matt Tobin threw TDs to

Joe Wilson & Dave Edwards for the Toolmen.


Mustangs 43 Freedom 55 27


Noopi Dhaliwal threw TDs to Simon Labbett, Kevin Harper, Rick Binkle,

Paul Cauley & Mark (Scrapes) Stirling.  Labbett also ran a kickoff back

for a TD.  Brad Speck led Freedom 55 with TD throws to Lucas Pearson,

Steve Roney & Sean Geraghty while running for 1 himself.




Week 1  September 9, 2007


In the 1st week of the season, the Smith-Baker conference handled the Hoy-Hone conference.


Youngbloods 14     Freedom 55 13


Mike Landon & Randy Bertrand threw scoring passes to Cam & Trevor LaSueuer for the victors.

Brad Speck replied with TD passes to Jeff Green & Steve Roney.


Lions 25     Browns 0


Kevin Perkins threw 2 TDs to Mark Reilly while Mark Cameron & Mark Spence also scored.


Marauders 28     Mice Boys 27


Dale DeJong had 4 TD passes with Tyler Andress receiving 2 & Noel Gottfried & Will Hunt

gathering 1 each.  Dave Bolger with 3 TDs & Dave Wood with 1 TD replied for the Mice Boys.


Whistlin' Mothers 24     Edugators 0


Matt McNish, Jeff McNish, Jon Cross & Steve Bell scored for the Mothers.


Irish 22     Bengals 6


Leigh Howard threw scoring passes to Tim Hatfield, Steve Michel & Dan Thompson. 

Malcolm Stadig scored for the Bengals.


Kingston 33     Toolmen 0


No details available at this time.