BMTFL Conferences


Hoy - Hone                                                                                                 Smith - Baker


Mice Boys                                                                                                    Youngbloods

Edugators                                                                                                     Browns

Irish                                                                                                               Whistlin' Mother

Bengals                                                                                                         Marauders

Freedom 55                                                                                                   Lions

Toolmen                                                                                                        Mustangs


The Playoffs will be as follows:


Sunday November 4th


3rd place in Hoy-Hone vs 6th place in Smith-Baker

3rd place in Smith-Baker vs 6th place in Hoy-Hone

4th place in Hoy-Hone vs 5th place in Smith-Baker

4th place in Smith-Baker vs 5th place in Hoy-Hone


The winners of these 4 games will play the 1st & 2nd place finishers in each Conference, who have a bye

for the 1st game, also on November 4th. 


Rankings will be based on Points in the Standings, Records versus Each Other, then Point Differential.


SATURDAY, November 10th


Top Ranked Team vs 4th Ranked Team

#2 Ranked vs #3 Ranked


Winners will play for the Championship after these games.  Banquet to follow.