Brockville Menís Touch Football League

†††††††††† Game Highlights


Super Saturday Results: Nov 13 2010


B SemiFinals


Colts 21††† BobCats 14


Scott Kendall ran for a score & had TD passes to Jon Stadig and Justin Carron to lead the Colts.  Matt

McNish threw TDs to Kyle Stephenson & Steve Alguire for the BobCats.


Toolmen 14††† Vikings 0


Tim Wilson threw a TD to Tim Millar and Mike Cameron returned an interception for another score in

theToolmen's win.


B Championship


Toolmen 25††† Colts 20


Toolmen QB Tim Wilson had 4 TD passes with Tim Oribine grabbing 2 & Tim Millar & Steve Emery pulling

in one each.  Colts QB Scott Kendall had TD throws to Vern Markell, Wil Clarke & Aaron Graham.


A SemiFinals


Edugators 22††† 59ers 21


Steve White had TD passes to Jevon Groves, Jay Wright & Scott Bennett and the Edugators' defence

denied a game-winning 2 point convert attempt to upset the heavily favoured 59ers.  59er TDs were scored

by Jeff Severson, Chris Michel & Ryan Billings.


Keystorm Irish 26††† Bandits 19


The Irish dominated time of possession in the 2nd half & rallied from a 12 point deficit to upset the

powerhouse Bandits.  Brad Speck had TD passes to Brian McCarthy, Jake Swarbrick & Loan Duong with

Swarbrick also returning a lateral attempt for another score.  League scoring champ Scott Moore hauled in

3 TDs from Noopi Dhaliwal for the Bandits.


A Championship


Keystorm Irish 34††† Edugators 21


The 5th place finishers in the Smith-Baker conference played the 7th place finishers in the Hoy-Hone

conference for the Championship.  The Keystorm Irish continued their strong offensive play against the

undermanned Edugators.  Brad Speck had 4 TD passes spread out to 4 different receivers - Derrick

Roberts, Craig Pankhurst, Loan Duong & Ryan McFadden -plus ran for another score himself.  Kyle

McCaffrey had the 3 TDs for the Edugators making one outstanding catch after another in the game.






2nd Round Playoff Action: Nov 07 2010 


59ers 40††† PigSkinz 0


The 59ers kept rolling along with a pasting of the upset-minded PigSkinz.  Mark Reilly threw 2 TD passes &

ran for another & Chris Michel threw for another 3TDs to lead the way.  Jeff Severson scored 3 times with

Ryan Billings & Ian Perry each catching a scoring pass.


Bandits 26††† Whistlin' Mothers 0


Noopi Dhaliwal passed for 4 TDs with Tim Hatfield grabbing two while Scott Moore & Ian Spear each

hauled in one each. 


Keystorm Irish 25 ††††Gunners 18


Brad Speck threw for 3 TDs & ran back an interception for another score in the Irish victory.  Ryan

McFadden, Craig Pankhurst & Ian Weaponicco were the recipients of the scoring tosses.  For the Gunners,

Matt Wing ran for 2 scores & passed to Andrew MacDonald for another.


Edugators 21 ††††Marauders 8


The upstart Edugators upset another team with Steve White throwing for 3 scores to Kyle McCaffrey to lead

the way.


Colts 25††† Dragons 13


Scott Kendall had 2 TD passes & a TD run while Tom Curson zipped another TD pass in the Colts' win. 

Curson had 2 scoring receptions & Justin Carron caught another for the Colts' scoring.  Mike Landon

replied with scoring throws to Craig Ellis & Jordan Landon for the Dragons.


Vikings 27††† Podium Sports 7


Ageless veterans Steve Bell & John McIntyre led the way with 2 TDs & 2 interceptions in the Vikings win. 

Adam McNish & Bert Couture also hauled in 2 of Kevin Perkins' 4 TD passes.  New father Geremiah

Geldart threw to Casey Reilly for the Podium TD.


Toolmen 18††† Renegades


Tim Millar had 3 TD receptions from Tim Wilson & 4 sacks on defense to lead the Toolmen.


BobCats 7††† Iron Mice 0 (Default)




1st Round Playoff Action: Oct 31 2010


PigSkinz 14††† Colts 8


In the biggest upset of the playoffs, the #16 ranked team beat the #1 ranked team in a tight defensive

battle.  Wade Mooney ran for a score & threw to JB Ryan for another in the win.  Scott Kendall replied with

a TD throw to Wil Clarke for the Colts.


Whistlin' Mothers 20††† Vikings 9


#1 overall pick, Simon Labbett, had a big game with 3 touchdowns receptions from Leigh Howard to lead

the Mothers to an upset over the Vikings.  Bert Couture hauled in a TD pass from Kevin Perkins for the



Edugators 20††† Toolmen 6


Steve White had 2 TD throws to Colin Publow & another to Kyle McCaffrey to help defeat the higher ranked

Toolmen.  Tim Wilson threw to Steve Emery for the Toolmen's score.


Gunners 9††† BobCats 7


Brad Pettem threw a TD to Trevor Birtch for the Gunners' franchise's 1st playoff win.  Backup QB Matt

Walker threw to Steve Alguire for the BobCats.


59ers 42††† Dragons 1


Mark Reilly had a TD run & 4 TD passes in the 59ers' win.  Steve Holmes, Jason Crotty, Jeff Severson &

Chris Michel had the scoring receptions while Nick Holmes returned an interception for another score.


Bandits 33††† Podium Sports 6


Noopi Dhaliwal had 5 TD passes with Tim Hatfield & Scott Moore receiving 2 each and Dan Wylie hauling in

another in the Bandits' win.  Geremiah Geldart passed to Matt Fisher for the PST score.


Marauders 28††† Renegades 16


The Marauders continued their strong play with Kyle Weatherston running for a score & throwing 3 scoring

tosses to Dane Adams, Noel Gottfried & Casey Paul.  Dale DeJong threw 2 TDs to John North for the

Renegades scoring.


Keystorm Irish 14††† Iron Mice 13


Brad Speck had TD throws to Craig Pankhurst & Matt Steenkamer to squeak by the Mice.  Dave Bolger

threw to Oliver Moyse for one score & returned an interception for another score in the close loss.





Final week of Regular season: Oct 24 2010


Colts 32†††† Toolmen 7


The Colts ran over a depleted Toolmen team in the battle for the Smith-Baker Conference title.  Scott

Kendall had 4 touchdown passes & an interception return for another score to lead the way.  Wil Clarke had

2 scoring catches with Paul Deir & Justin Carron grabbing the others.  Steve Emery threw to Colin Jardine

for the Toolmen.


59ers 13†††† Vikings 13


Mark Reilly of the 59ers kicked a single on the final play of the game to clinch the tie & 1st place in the Hoy-

Hone Conference.   The Vikings had led 13-0 on 2 TD passes from Kevin Perkins to Dave Rigutto & Ben

MacNeil before Reilly rallied the 59ers back with a TD run & TD pass to Jeff Severson.


Bandits 28†††† Gunners 1


Noopi Dhaliwal's 3 TD passes & the Bandits' strong defence led the team to victory.  Scoring leader Scott

Moore, Steve Roney & Matt Tobin each hauled in a TD while Tim Hatfield returned an interception for

another score.


Marauders 38††† Dragons 18


Kyle Weatherston had 6 TD passes to lead the highest scoring team in the league in the win.  Tim Caldwell

& Noel Gottfried each had 2 scores while Dane Adams & Mike Raycroft each had one.  Mike Landon replied

with 2 scoring tosses to Jamie Reilly & another to Joe Wilson.


Renegades 20†††† Iron Mice 7


Dale DeJong had 2 TD passes to Tony Stafford & Drew McKibbon and Mike Stafford returned an

interception for another score to lead the Renegades.  Dave Bolger threw to Bart Rocque for the Mice's



Keystorm Irish 14†††† Podium Sports 12


Brad Speck's 2 TD passes & Rob Thomas's safety were the difference as the Irish eked out a close one

over Podium Sports.  Loan Duong & Derrick Roberts scored for the Irish while Podium QB Geremiah

Geldart had scoring throws to Casey Reilly & Steve Brouwer.


BobCats 14†††† Whistlin' Mothers 0


Matt Walker had a TD run & a TD throw to Devon Gallacher in the BobCats' shutout victory.


Edugators 27†††† PigSkinz 0


Steve White had a TD run & 3 scoring tosses to Scott Bennett, Kyle McCaffrey & Chris Kilpatrick in the

Edugators' win.





Week #6 Action: Oct 17 2010


Renegades 15††† 59ers 13


Borrowed QB Kyle Weatherston threw TDs to Drew McKibbon & Mike Stafford to upset the last unbeaten

team.  Mark Reilly threw TDs to Jeff Severson & Jason Crotty for the 59ers.


Vikings 20††† Gunners 7


Kevin Perkins threw 2 TDs to Joe David & another to Bertrend Couture to lead the Vikings.


Bandits 28††† PigSkinz 14


Noopi Dhaliwal had 4 TD passes with Scott Moore grabbing 3 & Tim Hatfield the other to lead the high

scoring Bandits.  Shane Melcher returned an interception for a TD plus grabbed a scoring toss from Wade

Mooney for the PigSkinz.


Toolmen 21††† Whistlin' Mothers 20


Backup QB Steve Emery threw 2 scores to Mike Cameron & another to Dave Flood in the win.  Leigh

Howard replied with 2 scoring tosses to Glen Hayes & another to Simon Labbett for the Mothers.


Colts 27††† BobCats 6


QB Scott Kendall ran for a score & threw TDs to Brandon Law, Wil Clarke & Justin Carron to keep the Colts

rolling.  Matt McNish threw to Matt Walker for the BobCats.


Iron Mice 9††† Edugators 6


Dave Bolger had a TD throw Nick MacLeod to help the Mice squeak out a win.  Steve White threw to Luke

Meppelder for the Edugators.


Marauders 30†††† Podium Sports 0


Kyle Weatherston had 3 TD passes & an interception return for another score to help the Marauders. 

Casey Paul had 2 TD receptions & Tim Caldwell another in the win.


Keystorm Irish 28†††† Dragons 12


Brad Speck had 4 TD passes with Ryan McFadden hauling in 3 & Jake Swarbrick another to lead the Irish. 

Mike Landon threw to Jamie Reilly and Reilly threw to Joe Wilson for the Dragons.



Week #5 Action:Oct 10 2010


Keystorm Irish 21†††† Toolmen 12


Brad Speck ran for a score & threw TD passes to Rob Thomas & Ryan McFadden to help the Irish knock off

an undefeated team for the 2nd week in a row.  Steve Emery, filling in for injured QB Tim Wilson, threw

TD's to Colin Jardine & Dave Flood for the Toolmen.


Colts 21†††† Dragons 7


Scott Kendall ran for a TD & threw 2 scoring passes to Wil Clarke & Aaron Graham to help the Colts come

back against the Dragons.  Joe Wilson threw to Jamie Reilly for the Dragons' score.


Whistlin' Mothers 13†††† Podium Sports Therapy 13


Leigh Howard had 2 TD tosses to Pierce Lapensee & Glen Hayes for the Mothers while Geremiah Geldart

replied with 2 scoring passes to Matt Fisher in the tie.


59ers 12†††† Gunners 8


Mark Reilly had TD throws to Steve Michel & Jeff Severson to keep the 59ers as the lone undefeated team. 

Matt Wing collected a TD pass from Brad Pettem for the Gunners.


Vikings 20†††† Renegades 18


Kevin Perkins hit Adam McNish for a long TD on the last play of the game for the win.  Dale DeJong had 3

TD passes with John North grabbing 2 & John Marshall another for the Renegades.


BobCats 25††† Marauders 19


Matt McNish had 3 TD passes & ran for another score in the BobCats' win.  Devon Gallacher hauled in 2 &

Matt Walker another, to complete the scoring.  Dane Adams scored twice & Tim Caldwell also crossed the

line for the Marauders.


Bandits 32††† Edugators 6


Noopi Dhaliwal had 4 TD passes & Matt Tobin threw another to help the Bandits roll over a short-handed

Edugators team.  Tim Hatfield had 2 scores with other TDs going to Steve Roney, Scott Moore & Dhaliwal

Steve White ran for the Edugators lone TD.


Iron Mice 46†††† PigSkinz 6


Dave Bolger had 5 TD passes and Oliver Moyse had 4 TDs to lead the Mice over the PigSkinz.  Rob Moyse

also scored twice with Nick MacLeod also scoring.  Wade Mooney threw to JB Ryan for the 'Skinz TD.




Week #4 Action:Oct 03 2010


PigSkinz 24 ††Gunners 19


Wade Mooney threw 2 TD passes to JB Ryan & ran for another score himself to help the PigSkinz to their

1st win of the year.  Brad Pettem replied with 2 TD passes to Brad Synott & another to Devin

VanBlitterswick for the Gunners.


Podium Sports Therapy 13 ††††Dragons 6


Novice QB Geremiah Geldart threw TD's to Luke Meppelder & Dennis Dickson to earn Podium Sports their

1st win.  Mike Landon threw to Tim Browns for the Dragons.


Edugators 34 †††Renegades 18


Steve White threw a pair of TD's each to Scott Bennett & Brian Cummings while running for another himself

to put the Edugators in the win column for 2010.   Dale DeJong threw TD passes to John North & John

Marshall while North also returned an interception for a TD to complete the Renegades scoring.


59ers 21††† Bandits 0


Mark Reilly led the way with 3 TD passes split between Steve Michel, Jaason Crotty & Pete Rowsome in

the battle of unbeaten teams.


Toolment 22††† BobCats 12


Tim Wilson had 2 TD passes to league leader Steve Emery & another to Tim Millar to keep the Toolmen

undefeated.  Matt McNish threw a scoring pass to Matt Walker & returned an interception for another score

for the BobCats.


Keystorm Irish 27††† Colts 12


Brad Speck had 4 TD passes to Loan Duong, Jake Swarbrick, Derrick Roberts & Brian McCarthy to knock

the Colts from the ranks of the unbeaten.  Scott Kendall had TD throws to Aaron Graham & Vern Markell for

the Colts.


Marauders 39 ††††Whistlin' Mothers 14


Casey Paul, Noel Gottfried & Dane Adams each had 2 TD receptions thrown by the QB tandem of Tim

Caldwell & Kyle Weatherston.  Leigh Howard replied with TD tosses to Pierce Lapensee & Greg Hall.


Iron Mice 13 ††††Vikings 6


Dave Bolger had a TD throw to Jon Cross & Oliver Moyse returned an interception for another score in the

Mice's close victory.  Kevin Perkins threw to Mark Stirling for the Vikings score.



Week #3 Action:Sept 19 2010



Colts 32††† Whistlin' Mothers 7


Scott Kendall threw 5 TD passes with Aaron Graham hauling in 2 & solo grabs by

Jon Stadig, Vern Markell & Tom Curson.  Simon Labbett scored the lone Mothers' TD.


Vikings 22††† Edugators 14


Kevin Perkins threw 2 scores to Joe David & another to Bert Couture to lead the Vikings. 

Steve White had 2 TD passes to Kyle McCaffrey for the Edugators.


Marauders 20††† Keystorm Irish 14


Tim Caldwell threw 2 TD's to Trent Adams & 1 to Dane Adams for the win.  Brad Speck

replied with TD passes to Craig Pankhurst & Matt Steenkamer for the Irish.


Bandits 26††† Iron Mice 12


Matt Tobin had 4 TD passes with Scott Moore catching 3 & Steve Roney grabbing another. 

Dave Bolger had TD throws to Jon Cross & Rob Moyse for the Mice.


BobCats 22††† Podium Sports 0


Matt McNish lead the way with a TD run &  2 TD passes to Matt Walker & Dave Savage.


Toolmen 26††† Dragons 12


Tim Wilson had 3 TD passes to Steve Emery, Jordan Flood & Pete Atkinson plus high-stepped

into the end zone for another score to lead the undefeated Toolmen.  Shawn Woods ran for a

score & threw to Craig Ellis for the Dragons.


59ers 21††† PigSkinz 0


Chris Michel hit Jeff Severson with 2 TD passes & threw another to Ian Perry to keep the 59ers'

record flawless.


Gunners 13††† Renegades 8


Brad Pettem ran for a score plus threw to Andrew MacDonald for another TD in the Gunners' victory. 

Dale DeJong had a TD pass to John North for the Renegades.







Week #2 Action:Sept 19 2010


Toolmen 28 †††Marauders 16


Tim Wilson threw TD passes to Tim Millar, Steve Emery, Dave Flood & Jordan

Flood to keep the Toolmen undefeated.  Kyle Weatherston replied with a TD run

& TD pass to Noel Gottfried.



Vikings 27†† PigSkinz 12


Kevin Perkins had 2 TD tosses to Bert Couture while Joe David & Steve

Bell each grabbed another.  Tony Melcher hit Shane Melcher & Malcolm Stadig

with TD passes.



Colts 13 †††Podium Sports 0


Scott Kendall had 2 scoring passes to Justin Carron & Paul Deir in the Colts'




59ers 18 †††Iron Mice 13


Mark Reilly came off the bench to hit Jeff Severson for the winning score with 1

play left for the win.  Earlier Chris Michel hit Reilly with 2 TD passes while Dave

Bolger had 2 TD throws to Bart Rocque for the Mice.



Bandits 47†† Renegades 0


Noopi Dhaliwal had 5 TD passes with Tim Hatfield & Matt Tobin each grabbing

two and Scott Moore getting another.  Tobin returned an interception for a score

& Hatfield had a TD run to complete the scoring over a depleted Renegades




Gunners 26 †††Edugators 25


Brad Pettem had 3 TD passes & Matt Wing returned an interception for a score

to earn the Gunners their 1st franchise victory.  Wing grabbed 2 TD passes with

Brandon Stone hauling in another.  Kyle McCaffrey, Jay Wright, Jevon Graves &

Rob Charbonneau scored for the Edugators.



Dragons 14 †††BobCats 13


Shawn Woods & Mike Landon each threw touchdown passes while Derek Fraser

& Jamie Reilly scored to lead the Dragons to their 1st  league win.  Matt McNish

replied with TD throws to Matt Walker & Dave LaSueur.



Whistlin' Mothers 7 †††Keystorm Irish 0 (Default)