Brockville Menís Touch Football 2011

Game Highlights


Championship Saturday Nov 12 2011:



B Finals


Wolverines 32 Colts 12


Matt Tobin had 5 TD passes with Josh Parsons grabbing 2 and Dale DeJong,

Wil Clarke & Devin Paul also scoring.


A Finals


Gabriel's Pizza 40 Toolmen 6


Gabriel's Pizza wrapped up an undefeated season by winning the Championship.

Gabriel's were rarely challenged in the Regular season and got stronger in the

Playoffs, outscoring their 4 opponents by a combined score of 161 to 18.They

were led by QB Mark Reilly who ran the offence with such proficiency that they

scored on almost every possession.This in turn made their fast defence even more

difficult to play against. Steve White led the way with 2 TD receptions with Jamie

Reilly, Steve Alguire and Dave Reilly also receiving scoring passes from Reilly.

Mike Lasalle returned an interception to wrap up the scoring.Tim Wilson threw

to Tim Millar for the Toolmen's lone score.





Play offs week 2 Nov 06 2011:





Mark Reilly had 4 TD passes & a TD run in the win.  Scott Tedford, Phil Nihmey,

Mike Lasalle & Jamie Reilly each scored for Gabriels.  Geremiah Geldart threw to

Matt Fisher for the Browns' score.




Kevin Perkins had 3 TD passes to Luke Meppelder & another to Dan Thompson to

keep the defending champs on a roll.  Matt McNish threw to Adam McNish for the

Bobcats' TD.




Tim Wilson had 5 TD passes to lead the resurgent Toolmen.  Mike Cameron had a TD

reception, a TD pass & 4 interceptions while Tim Millar had 2 scores & Steve Castle

& Kevin Breault 1 each.  Wade Mooney had a TD throw to Scott Bennett & ran for a

score for the Pigskinz.




QB Brad Pettem had 5 TD passes & Josh VanAsseldonk returned an interception for a

score to lead the Gunners to the win.  Cory Jones had 2 TD receptions with Andrew

MacDonald, VanAsseldonk & the crafty, old veteran, Rene Melchers, also scoring.

 Tim Caldwell had 3 TD passes with John North grabbing 2 & Tim Hatfield receiving

1 for the Renegades.




Matt Tobin had 4 TD throws with Kevin Harper receiving 2 & Devin Paul & Cole

Zanchetta grabbing 1 each.




Dave Bolger had 3 TD passes with Casey Reilly getting 2 & Adam Folco 1.  Chris

Michel threw to Jevon Groves for the Dragons.




Scott Kendall had 2 TD runs & 2 TD throws for the victorious Colts.  Simon Labbett

& Tyler Bennett scored for the winners.  Leigh Howard threw to Scott Cruciger for

the Mothers.






Play offs week 1 Oct 30 2011:



Browns 14 Nittany Lions 13 OT


In possibly the biggest upset in the history of the league, an 0-8 team bested an 8-0 in the 1st

round of the playoffs.  Geremiah Geldart hit Jason Crotty with the winning convert in overtime

for the win.  The Browns used an aggressive double rush on elusive Lions'  QB Brad Speck that

slowed down the highest scoring team in the league.



Gabriel's Pizza 53 Ramrods 6


Gabriel's Pizza scored early & often in their dismantling of the Ramrods.  Phil Nihmey had 3

TDs, Dave Reilly had 2 and Jamie Reilly, Mike Lasalle, Steve White each grabbed scoring

passes.  Steve Foley threw to Jordan Landon for the Ramrods score.



Bobcats 19 Wolverines 12


QB Matt McNish ran for a score & threw to Kyle Stevenson & Drew McKibbon in the Bobcats'

victory.  Matt Tobin threw to Kevin Harper & Tim Oribine for the Wolverines.



Gunners 21 Whistlin' Mothers 14


The Gunners continued on with their breakout season with a 1st round victory over the Mothers.

 Brad Pettem had 2 TD passes to Josh VanAsseldonk & another to Andrew MacDonald in the

win.  Leigh Howard had scoring throws to Scott Cruciger & Ben McIntyre for the Mothers.



Toolmen 36 Dragons 6


Tim Wilson had 5 TD passes to lead the Toolmen.  Steve Castle grabbed 3 with Tim Millar &

Mike Cameron hauling in the others.  Chris Michel threw to Craig Ellis for the Dragons' score.



Keystorm Irish 15 Colts 14


The defending champs started their playoffs with a tight win over the Colts.  Kevin Perkins had 2

TD passes to Luke Meppelder & Joe David for the Irish.  Scott Kendall threw to Simon Labbett

& Tyler Bennett for the Colts.



Renegades 27 Iron Mice 21


QB Tim Caldwell threw for 4 scores to lead the Renegades to the next round of the playoffs.

 Mike Stafford had 2 scores while Tim Hatfield & Tim Brown also scored.  Dave Bolger had

scoring throws to Sean Geraghty, Casey Reilly & Adam Folco for the Mice.


Pigskinz  29 Marauders 12


Wade Mooney had 3 TD passes & a TD run to help the Pigskinz continue their strong season.

 Scott Moore had 2 TDs & Scott Bennet had another for the Pigskinz.   Noel Gottfried,

substituting for an injured Kyle Weatherston, had 2 scoring passes to Casey Paul for the





Week #7 Oct 23 2011:


Gabriel's Pizza 39 Renegades 6


Gabriel's Pizza claimed the #1 ranking with a rout of a tough Renegades team.  QB Mark Reilly

had 6 TD passes with Phil Nihmey (2), Steve White, Dave Reilly, Mike Lasalle & Jamie Reilly

receiving scores.  Tim Caldwell threw to Tim Hatfield for the Renegades.


Nittany Lions 41 Dragons 14


Brad Speck had 5 TD passes & a TD run to help keep the Lions undefeated.  Scoring receivers

were Shane Granger with 2, Loan Duong, Aaron Graham and Rob Moyse.   Chris Michel threw

scoring tosses to Joe Wilson & Jevon Groves for the Dragons.


BobCats 38 Ramrods 6


QB Matt McNish had 5 TD passes & a TD run in the BobCats victory.  Also scoring were Adam

McNish with 2 TDs, Gunner Stevenson, Matt Walker & Kurt Gebhart.  Steve Foley threw to

Jordan Latham for the Ramrods.



Iron Mice 32 Whistlin' Mothers 8


Dave Bolger had 4 TD passes & Casey Reilly returned a deflected pass 110 yds for another score

in the Mice's win.  Nick MacLeod had 2 scores while Sean Geraghty & Reilly also received

scoring throws.  Leigh Howard threw to Glen Hayes for the Mothers' score.



Colts 26 Pigskinz 18


Scott Kendall had 4 TD throws with rookie Tyler Bennett hauling in 3 & Simon Labbett

grabbing another.   Wade Mooney replied with scoring passes to Scott Bennett, Dustin Payne &

Wil Clarke.



Toolmen 18 Marauders 6


Tim Wilson had TD passes to Tim Millar & Ian Spear as well as a lateral pass on a kickoff that

Jamie Clarke returned all the way.  2nd string QB Noel Gottfried threw to Casey Paul for the




Keystorm Irish 19 Wolverines 0


The defending champs continued their strong play lately with a shutout of the Wolverines.

 Kevin Perkins had 2 TD throws to Luke Meppelder & another to Ryan McFadden for the win.



Gunners 34 Browns 0


The Gunners claimed 2nd place in the Hoy-Hone conference with a shutout of the Browns.  Brad

Pettem threw 4 TDs passes to Andrew MacDonald & ran for another in the win.  





Week #6 Oct 16 2011:


Nittany Lions 25 Colts 19


Brad Speck & Sam Moyse combined for 4 TD passes to help the Nittany Lions clinch the Smith-

Baker Conference.  Moyse, Shane Granger, Marty McAllister & Dennis Dickson scored in the

win while Scott Kendall replied with 2 TD tosses to Tyler Bennett and another to Dave Woods.


Gabriel's Pizza 29 Keystorm Irish 20


Gabriel's Pizza won the Hoy-Hone Conference with their defeat of the Irish.  Mark Reilly had

TD passes to Steve White, Brad Plaunte, Phil Nihmey & Jamie Reilly in the win.   Kevin Perkins

had TD passes to Joe David, Luke Meppelder & Jeremy Adams for the Irish.


Gunners 22 Renegades 19


Brad Pettem had 2 scoring tosses to Brandon Stone & another to Corey Jones in the upset of the

Renegades.  Tim Caldwell replied with 3 TD passes to Tim Hatfield.


Wolverines 12 Toolmen 8


Matt Tobin had TD throws to Josh Parsons & Kevin Harper to edge the Toolmen.  Tim Wilson

replied with a TD throw to Steve Castle.


Iron Mice 8 Ramrods 7


Dave Bolger threw to Paul Curless for a TD & Sean Geraghty grabbed the 2 point convert to

squeak by the Ramrods.  Steve Foley threw to Pierce Lapensee for the Ramrods.


BobCats 40 Whistlin' Mothers 0


The BobCats returned 3 of their 8 interceptions for scores in routing the short-handed Mothers.

 Matt McNish & Matt Walker each scored 3 times in the victory.


PigSkinz 6 Dragons 2


Wade Mooney threw to Sean McDowell for the only TD in this defensive struggle.


Marauders 27 Browns 0


Kyle Weatherston spread the wealth with TD passes to Casey Paul, Noel Gottfried, Dane Adams

& Jacob McGuire for the Marauders.




Week #5 Oct 09 2011:


Colts 33 Whistlin' Mothers 12


Scott Kendall ran for a TD & threw TD passes to Tom Curson & Tyler Bennett in the Colts

victory.  Curson & Paul Deir completed the scoring with interception returns for scores.  Leigh

Howard had TD passes to Tim Millar & Glen Hayes for the Mothers.


Renegades 32 Browns 0


Tim Caldwell had 4 TD passes with Mike Stafford receiving 2 and Tim Hatfield & Phil Brown

receiving one each.  Hatfield also returned an interception for a score.


Gabriel's Pizza 16 Wolverines 7


GP stayed undefeated with a hard fought victory over the blue & gold.  Mark Reilly had 2 TD

passes to Steve Alguire & Phil Nihmey in the win.  Matt Tobin threw to Devin Paul for the



Nittany Lions 35 Iron Mice 23


Brad Speck had 5 TD passes to help keep the Lions' record unblemished.  Aaron Graham hauled

in 3 TDs with Dennis Dickson & Shane Granger also breaking the plane.  Dave Bolger replied

with tossing scores to Sean Geraghty, Nick MacLeod & Casey Reilly for the Mice.


Gunners 16 Marauders 13


The Gunners earned their 2nd win of the year over the suddenly struggling Marauders.  Brad

Pettem had 2 scoring throws to Brandon Stone & Corey Jones for the win.  Kyle Weatherston

replied with a TD run & a TD throw to Matt Raby for the Marauders.


BobCats 29 Pigskinz 0


The BobCats had a strong defensive effort with 2 interception returns for scores & a Safety to

earn the shutout.  Matt McNish had 2 TD with Matt Walker & Kyle Stevenson also scoring for

the 'Cats.


Toolmen 18 Keystorm Irish 14


Tim Wilson had 2 TD throws to Tim Millar & another to Wil Clarke in this close win.  Kevin

Perkins had 2 TD throws to Kyle Weatherston for the Irish.


Ramrods 15 Dragons 14


The Ramrods earned their first franchise win with a close battle over the Dragons.  Steve foley

had a TD run & a TD throw to Colin Publow to lead the way.  Chris Michel replied with TD

passes to Shawn Woods & Ian Perry.






Week #4 Oct 02 2011:


Gabriel's Pizza 19 Marauders 0


Mark Reilly had 3 TD passes & Gabriel's played a strong defence in a battle

for 1st place in the Hoy-Hone conference.  Jamie Reilly,  Steve Alguire &

Mike LaSalle scored in the victory.


Nittany Lions 25 BobCats 12


Brad Speck had 2 TD passes to Loan Duong in a battle for 1st place in the

Smith-Baker conference.  Justin Caron & Sam Moyse also scored for the Lions

while Matt McNish threw scoring passes to Matt Walker & Kurt Gebhart for the




PigSkinz 12 Ramrods 0


Backup QBs Brian Cummings & Ryan Billings each threw a TD pass for the

surprising PigSkinz.  Scott Moore & Steve Gibbons each scored in the win.



Renegades 35 Wolverines 8


Tim Caldwell continued his strong play at QB with 4 TD passes.  League

scoring leader Tim Hatfield scored twice with Mike Stafford, Max McLean & Tim

Brown each hauling in a TD reception.  Dale DeJong threw to Devin Paul for the Wolverines.



Toolmen 20 Browns 0


Tim Wilson had 3 TD passes with Steve Castle grabbing 2 & Mike Cameron

grabbing another.



Dragons 14 Whistlin' Mothers 12


Chris Michel had TD passes to Craig Ellis & Lorne Phillips to earn the

Dragons 1st win of the year.  Leigh Howard threw to Glen & Dylan Hayes for

the Mothers.



Iron Mice 7 Colts 6


Dave Bolger threw to Nick MacLeod for a TD & convert to edge the Colts.

 Scott Kendall threw to Tyler Bennett for the Colts.



Keystorm Irish 24 Gunners 8†††


Kevin Perkins had 4 TD passes with Ryan McFadden catching 2 & Joe David &

Brian McCarthy catching 1 each.  Brad Pettem threw to John North for the Gunners.





Week #3 Sept 25 2011:


Renegades 28 Marauders 28


Tim Caldwell intercepted a Kyle Weatherston pass on the 7-yd line and then

threw to Tim Hatfield for the tying score & 2 pt convert against his old

team.Caldwell also threw 2 scores to Mike Stafford & a second to Tim

Hatfield for the Renegades.Kyle Weatherston threw to Casey Paul, Matt Raby,

Noel Gottfried, and ran for a score himself for the Marauders.



Wolverines 29†††† Gunners 15


Matt Tobin had 4 touchdown passes to Josh Parsons, Kevin Harper, Will Clarke,

& Devin Paul for the Wolverines.Kevin Perkins replied with scoring passes

to Andrew MacDonald & Corey Jones.



Colts 41††††††††† Dragons 0


Scott Kendall had 4 touchdown passes to Simon Labbett, Pete Atkinson, Dave

Wood, Tom Curson & ran for a score himself to help slay the Dragons.Jeremy

Adams had an interception return to round out the scoring.



Gabriel's Pizza 26 Toolmen 8


Mark Reilly had 2 touchdown passes to Steve Michel & scoring throws to Steve

Alguire & Brad Plaunte to help keep GP undefeated.Mike "Cheese" Cameron got

his first taste of being quarterback with a touchdown throw to Tim Millar for

the Toolmen.



Pigskinz 20 Mothers 6


Wade Mooney had 2 touchdown passes to Scott Moore & another to Ryan Billings

in the Skinz victory.Nighthawk had the catch of the day as he hauled in a

pass from Leigh Howard for the Mothers.



Keystorm Irish 27†††††† Browns 7


Kevin Perkins had touchdown passes to Dan Thompson, Joe David, Chris

Robertson, & Jake Swarbrick for the Irish's 1st victory of the year.

Geremiah Geldart threw to Jason Crotty for the Browns.



Nittany Lions 32††††††† Ramrods 12


Brad Speck, Dennis Dickson, Aaron Graham, Justin Caron, & Richard Tracey

scored to keep the Nittany Lions undefeated.Mike Landon had 2 TD passes to

Jordan Landon & John Cross as backup QB for the Ramrods.




Bobcats 14Iron Mice 6


Matt McNish threw to Matt Walker & ran back an interception return to help

keep the Bobcats record perfect.Dave Bolger threw to Nick MacLeod for the






Week #2 Sept 18 2011:


Marauders 32 Wolverines 13


The Marauders' high flying offence continued with QB Kyle Weatherston rushing for a TD &

throwing 2 Scores to Casey Paul plus TDs to Noel Gottfried & Mike Raycroft.  Matt Tobin had

TD passes to Dave Bolger & Kevin Harper for the Wolverines. 


BobCats 14 Colts 7


The BobCats showed they are meant to be reckoned with as they upset the Colts.  Matt McNish

threw to Matt Walker & Kyle Stevenson in the win.  Scott Kendall replied with a TD throw to

Pete Atkinson for the Colts.


Whistlin' Mothers 31 Ramrods 7


The long time franchise Mothers thrashed their offspring franchise Ramrods, with Leigh Howard

throwing 3 TD passes to Shawn Lamont and another to Ben McIntyre.  Greg Hall returned an

interception for a score for the Mothers while Steve Foley of the Ramrods returned the favour.


Iron Mice 21 Dragons 13


Dave Bolger threw TDs to Nick McLeod, Casey Reilly & Bart Rocque for the win.  QB Chris

Michel had scoring tosses to Craig Ellis & Jeff Severson for the Dragons.


Gabriel's Pizza 34 Browns 6


Steve Michel had 2 TDs with Scott Tedford, Jamie Reilly & Tom Tobin also scoring in the

victory.  GeremiahGeldart threw to Rob Fullarton for the Browns.


Gunners 14 Toolmen 6


The Gunners rebounded with a tough win over the Toolmen.  Brad Pettem& Corey Jones

combined for 2 TDs in the win.  Tim Wilson threw to Mike Cameron for the Toolmen's lone



Renegades 21 Keystorm Irish 0


Tim Caldwell had 2 TD passes to Tim Hatfield & John North while Hatfield also had an

interception return to round out the scoring.


Nittany Lions 27 PigSkinz 0


The powerhouse Nittany Lions continued their strong play with Brad Speck throwing 2 TDs to

Aaron Graham and TDs to Justin Caron & Richard Tracey.  Graham also had an interception

return for a score.







Week #1 Sept 11 2011:


Colts 42 Ramrods 0


Scott (I'm not running this year) Kendall ran for 2 scores & threw for 4 TDs

in routing the rookie franchise Ramrods.†† Tyler Bennett grabbed 2 TDs with

Paul Deir& Fraser Coggan rounding out the scoring.


Wolverines 14 Browns 0


Matt Tobin threw TDs to Tom Dumbrille& Steve Roney in the Wolverines win.



Toolmen 29 Renegades 18


Tim Wilson threw for 2 TDs & ran for the 1st TD in his illustrious career in

theToolmen's come from behind victory.Renegade QB Tim Caldwell started out

on fire with 2 TD passes to Tim Hatfield & another to Tim Brown before the

Toolmen stormed back.Steve Castle & Tim Millar caught TD passes while

Millar took the ball into the end zone off a lateral from a Dave Rigutto interception.




Gabriel's Pizza 26 Gunners 0


Mark Reilly had 4 TD passes in the win.Jamie Reilly caught 2 with Brad

Plaunt& Steve Michel each hauling in 1.



Marauders 32 Keystorm Irish 7


Kyle Weatherston started his season off with a long TD run then finished the

game with a 2nd running TD & 3 passing TDs.Casey Paul had 2 scores & Noel

Gottfried had the other in the win.Kevin Perkins threw to Joe David for the

defending champion Keystorm.



PigSkinz 16 Iron Mice 9


Wade Mooney threw TDs to Scott Bennett & Lee Stagg to upset the Iron Mice.

Casey Reilly received a TD throw from Dave Bolger for the Mice.



BobCats 12 Dragons 1


Matt McNish had TD throws to Matt Walker & Kyle Stevenson to win this

defensive struggle.



Nittany Lions 33 Whistlin' Mothers 12


Brad Speck had 3 TD throws and a TD run while Aaron Graham returned an

interception for a score for the Nittany Lions.Loan Duong received 2TDs

with Shane Granger rounding out the scoring.Leigh Howard threw to Rick

Binkle& Shawn Lamont for the Mothers


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