Brockville Men's Touch Football League
2011 Spares List
Posted Oct 10 2011
Patrice Asselin 613.676.2570 text - 613-676-2570
Ian Soutar 613-246-2496
Hugh Hammond 613-246-2250  
Mitch Grange 613-246-3667  
Jim Paul 613-498-0714  
Ryan Gray 613 349 6939  
Shane McNish 613-802-3364  
Ty McNish 613-802-3364  
Jeff McNish 613-802-1254  
Cody Paul 613-498-0714  
Roger Manoll  
Ryan Lionheart 613-340-6296  
Trent Adams 613-345-4691  
If your team is going to be short handed one week,
you will be allowed to call any of these guys (they are available to everybody)
to prevent a Default or if you want to have a Spare.  
We will charge them $5 per game up to a max $20 & they will be invited to the Banquet.
Spares will need to sign the Waiver Form: Please download and bring to the captain:
Waiver of Responsibility (Touch Football).pdf
1) Spares will not be allowed to be used in the Playoffs.
2) The lowest placed teams have 1st choice for selecting Spares
ie. if the last placed team wants a particular spare for the weekend, 
the spare HAS to play for them or no one.  The next to last place team then has the next choice etc.
3) You can only use a Spare if you are going to have 8 or less players showing up.
The only exception will be if the opposing Captain approves it before.
4) You can only use a Spare that is on the Spares List - no one else!
5) Spares need to be declared before playing by emailing the website and contacting opposing Captain.