Brockville Menís Touch Football 2012

Game Highlights



Super Saturday Championship Nov 10 2012:

In the B semi final, the Dragons continued their hot playoff streak and beat

1000 Islands Pizza 7-6. 1000IP scored on their first possession to go up early,

but the defensive play by both teams kept it close until Scott Moore returned

a Tim Caldwell pass for a pick 6. Conversion was successful and the Dragons

moved on to the B final against the Mauraders.

In the B final, the Mauraders didn't squander their chances and came away

with a 20-7 victory over the Dragons. The Mauraders were led by

Kyle Weatherstone who threw 2 and rushed for 1 TD.

Over on the A side, both semi final games were back and forth and close til

the end. The Toolmen beat the Whistlin' Mothers 28-22. Brad Speck hit

Colin Jardine to open the scoring. Tom Tobin, while playing through a calf injury,

managed to hit Simon Labett to even things up. Speck connected with Jamie Clarke,

followed by Tobin and Scott Cruciger hooking up after a Will Clarke safety sack.

Trailing at the half once again, the Toolmen came out and took the lead on a TD

by Clarke. Tobin and Cruciger hooked up again, but the final score was determined

on a Brad Speck TD run. The Toolmen got a stop and managed to run out the

clock to hold on.

The other A semi saw a nail biter played between Gabriel Pizza and Keystorm Irish.

Keystorm led late but Gabriel Pizza drove the field with 5 minutes remaining and

scored the late go ahead TD with 3 plays remaining, to win the game 20-18. For the

Keystorm, Rob Fullarton had a TD catch and an INT for a TD. Kevin Perkins hooked

up with Tyler Clemo for the other score. For GP, Ryan McFadden continued to be

the star receiver for GP with 2 TDs.

The championship game was one for the ages. The guys that stuck around to see

the end of the game were treated to an improbable comeback. Gabriel Pizza took

the early lead with TD's from Steve White and Ryan McFadden. The Toolmen and

GP exchanged scores before half and GP led 20-7. The TM got a stop and scored

to cut it to 20-14. Gabriel went ahead again and took a 28-14 lead into the fourth

quarter. This is when things took a turn for the Toolmen. A quick drive the length

of the field ended with a TD from Dick Tracey. With less than 5 minutes, GP needed

a couple of first downs to be able to run out the clock. Faced with 3rd and 1, GP

went for it instead of punting and were stopped short. Brad Speck took over at this

time and managed to put together two passes with 2 plays to go to get into the

endzone. Jamie Clarke pulled off an incredible catch and then Brad hit Mike Cameron

for the game tying TD and convert on the last play of the game.


The Toolmen won the toss, and scored a TD on their first drive. Gabriel Pizza drove

on the ensuing kickoff and took a 35-34 lead with 4 minutes left. The Toolmen took

their final drive and got down inside the GP 20. Casey Reilly then came up huge and

intercepted Speck in the endzone and returned it 120 yards for the game clinching TD.

Mark Reilly put the game out of reach with a 2 pt scamper and the final score

was 43-34. Great game.

Congrats to the guys from Gabriel Pizza for an outstanding undefeated season for

the second year in row.



Playoffs Week 2 Nov 04 2012:


Gabriel Pizza 33††† Colts 6

The top seed Gabriel Pizza beat the 8 seed Colts 33-6.  Mark Reilly led GP with 2 TD

throws to Casey Reilly and Steve White. Phil Nhimey caught a ball from Chris Michel.  

Mike O'Reilly had 2 ints in the victory.  Gabriel Pizza move on to face Keystorm Irish.


Keystorm Irish 28††† Team Ramrod 6

The other undefeated team in the league, Team Ramrod didn't fair so well.  The

Keystorm Irish played their best defensive game of the season  and beat Team Ramrod

28-6. Kevin Perkins led the rout with TD throws to Loan Duong and Tyler Clemow.  

Rob Fullarton also pulled down 2 TD's to go along with his 3 INTs.  Loan Duong had 2 ints.  

The tone of the game was set by Chris Cook and his 6 sacks of Steve Foley.  Foley

connected with Rene Melchers for the lone Ramrod score.  Cyrus Zomederis had a sack

and Pierce Lapensee had an int.  


Whistliní Mothers 14††† Gunners 0

The 3 seed in the playoffs, The Whistlin' Mothers held off the young Gunners to

advance by a score of 14-0.  With starting QB and captain Tom Tobin out with a

bad wheel, Noopi Dhaliwal stepped in and led them to victory.  TD's were thrown to

Cole Zanchetta and Simon Labett.  Simon also grabbed an INT.  Cole had 2 sacks.  

Steve Roney and Noopi had INT's as well.  The Gunners couldn't muster the offense

to punch it in the endzone.  Cory Jones had 2 sacks and Matt Roth had an INT.


Toolmen 20††† Bobcats 14

The final game on the A side saw the Toolmen come from behind and beat the

Bobcats 20-14.  The Bobcats went up early on TD throws from Matt McNish to

Matt Walker and Shane McNish.  The Toolmen came back on a TD catch from

Jamie Clarke and 2 to Colin Jardine, all from Brad Speck.  The defense from both

teams played well in the windy cold game.  Clarke and Dennis Dickson had INTs

for the Toolmen. Matt Walker and Kyle Stephenson picked Speck for the Bobcats.

The Toolmen move on to face the Whistlin' Mothers next Saturday. 


Dragons 8††† Xmen 0

The B side had some excitement as the Dragons picked up their first win of the

season, 8-0 over the Xmen.  Dale Dejong threw to Craig Ellis for the score.  

Scott Moore kicked a single and caught a single.  The Xmen were led by Ryan Blasko

who had 4 sacks and Cody and Casey Paul each had an INT.


1000 Islands Pizza 12††† Lagerheads 7

1000 Island Pizza came away with a close win, 12-7 over the Lagerheads.  

Tim Caldwell threw 2 TD's to favourite target Mike Stafford.  Drew McKibbon

had a sack in the win.


Mauraders win vs Packers

The final game of the day saw the Mauraders win over the Packers.  

Stats and highlights to follow.




Playoffs Week 1 Oct 28 2012:


Gunners 25††† 1000 Islands Pizza 0

The Playoff season kicked off with the Gunners beating 1000 Island Pizza 25-0.  

Steve Craig-Pettem threw 2 tds to Cory Jones and one to Matt Pettem.  

Brad Craig-Pettem played mop up time and threw a TD to Matt Pettem for his second

of the day.  The D played outstanding with Brian Hewitt and Steve C-P getting

2 ints each.  Cory Jones and Brad Synott each picked one.  For the Pizza,

DJ Primrose provided their only stat of the day with an interception.  The Gunners

match up with the Mothers next week while 1000 Island Pizza will face the Lag

erheads in the B side.


Team Ramrod 24††† Lagerheads 6

Team Ramrod continued their domination of the league, this time beating the

Lagerheads 24-6.  Steve Foley connected with Tim Hatfield 4 times.  Tim also

collected an INT for the defense.  Pierce Lapensee also had a ball thrown

directly into his hands.  For the Lagerheads, Steve Castle hit Scott Tedford late

in the contest to get on the board.  Team Ramrod gets the Keystorm Irish in the

second round of the A side.


Toolmen 21††† Podium Sports Packers 14

The Toolmen battled and came back in the second half for their 21-14 win over

the Podium Sports Packers.  The Packers took the lead into the half behind two

throws to Dave Bolger from Leigh Howard.  The second half saw Brad Speck

connect deep with Dennis Dickson and Jamie Clarke for TDs.  Clarke had one in

the first half as well.  The defense played agressively on both sides.  Clarke and

Paul Cauley had picks off Leigh, while Bolger, Tim oribine, and Dylan Hayes got

their mitts on Speck passes.  The Toolmen D stopped 2 late drives inside the red

zone to preserve the lead and hold on.  The Toolmen will get the Bobcats in

Round 2, while the Pack move on to face the Mauraders.



Bobcats 24†† Xmen 6

The Bobcats won handily over the Xmen 24 - 6.  It was the Matt Walker show as

he collected 3 TD's, 2 2pt converts and an interception.  Matt McNish threw all

the scores.  Roy Crump got a sack for a safety.  For the Xmen, the only hilight

came on a Casey Paul pick 6.  The McNish clan got interceptions from Shane,

Adam and Jeff as well.  The Xmen will face the Dragons in the B side.


Gabriel Pizza 27††† Dragons 6

Gabriel Pizza stayed unbeaten with a 27 - 6 win over the Dragons.  GP were led

by Ryan McFadden's 3 TD's.  Mark Reilly threw the 3 plus ran one in for himself.

Dustin Drury had a sack for a safety as well.  For the Dragons, Craig Ellis and Ian

Perry each had 2 sacks.  Dale Dejong threw to Craig Ellis for their points.  

Gabriel Pizza plays the Colts in the A side 1 vs 8 game.


Whistliní Mothers 31††† Mauraders 27

The Mothers beat the Mauraders in the closest game of the week.  Final score 31-27.  

The Mothers were led by Tom Tobin and Noopi Dhaliwal at QB.  Tom threw to

Simon Labett and Cole Zanchetta, while Noopi hit Simon twice and Wil Clarke once.  

On defense, the Mothers had ints from Simon (2), Noopi, and Steve Roney.  

Dave Wood got a sack.  For the Mauraders, Kyle Weatherstone ran in a TD, threw

2 to Trent Adams and one to Luke Meppelder.  Kyle also had an int.  The Mauraders

move on to the B side against the Packers.


Keystorm Irish 12††† Colts 12

The final game saw the Keystorm Irish beat up on the Colts 12-0.  Kevin Perkins

threw to Rob Fullarton and Loan Duong for TDs.  On the defensive side, Fullarton

had 3 ints and Perkins had 2.  




Week #7 Oct 21 2012:


Team Ramrod 20††† 1000 Islands Pizza

In the first game of the week, Team Ramrod finished their undefeated regular

season by downing 1000 Island Pizza 20-6.  Steve Foley led the Ramrod's again,

throwing 2 td's and taking back an INT to the house.  Receiving TD's were

Pierce Lapensee and Spencer Alguire.  Waiting til the last game of the season

to get a stat, Trevor Hauk managed to pull in an INT.  Tim Caldwell intercepted

a Foley pass and took it back 4 yards for one of the shortest td's of the season.


Toolmen 13††† Colts 12

The middle game at Commonwealth provided some controversy and excitement.  

The Toolmen beat the Colts 13-12 behind Brad Speck and Jamie Clarke as they

connected twice for long TD's. Scott Kendall threw to spare Mike Stafford twice

for the Colts.  The Colts nearly took the lead on a 2 point convert but the reaching

the ball rule was called and game ended with a first down on the next possession.  

The Toolmen moved to second in the division with the win and help from the Mothers.  


Podium Sports Packers 16††† Dragons 8

The late game was a battle of the bottom as the Podium Sports Packers beat the

winless Dragons 16-8.  Packers legend Leigh Howard threw to the basketball

combo of Jason Crotty and Tim Oribine.  Oribine reached the stat sheet for the first

time this year with a TD, convert, INt and Sack for the Pack.  Max McLean had his first

score of the year and an int for the Dragons.  The Dragons D played well with

Craig Ellis getting 2 ints, scott moore getting 1 and Max's.  The Packers will play the

Toolmen and Dragons face Gabriel Pizza in the playoffs.


Bobcats 30††† Keystorm Irish 14

At TISS, the Bobcats beat the Keystorm Irish 30-14 to pass them in the standings.  

Matt Walker caught 3 TDs from Matt McNish and also returned an int for his 4th.  

Roy Crump also caught one for the Cats.  For the Irish, Rob Fullarton caught his 9th

and 10th TD's of the year from Kevin Perkins.  Special thanks to the Keystorm for

helping out with the league BBQ and supplying a grill and tables.  The Irish will move

on to face the Colts next week.


Gabriel Pizza 33††† Lagerheads 7

The late game at TISS had Gabriel Pizza finishing up it's undefeated season with a

33-7 win over the winless Lagerheads.  Mark Reilly threw 3 tds to Ryan McFadden (2)

and Casey Reilly.  Colin Publow threw to MIke O'Reilly for the other score.  

Mark Reilly did return a Chris Michel INT for a TD off a lateral.  Casey had 4 ints and

a sack in the game.  For the Lagerheads, Steve Castle threw to Scott Teddi Tedford for

a TD. Teddi had the convert and an INT in the loss.  The Lagerheads now face the

challenge of taking on the top seed in the other division, Team Ramrod.


Mauraders 14††† Xmen 13

The early game at CalBrock saw the Mauraders snap their losing streak by beating

the Xmen 14-13. Noel Gottfried and Luke Meppedler each threw TD's with Luke and

Trent Adams catching them.  The Hardy boys combined for 2 ints and a sack. The Xmen

were led by Mike Lasalle's 3 ints and one of them being worth 6.  Joe David caught a TD

from Mike Landon.  Casey Paul had 2 ints and Andrew Latimer had 1.  The Mauaders

will face the Whistlin' Mothers next week and the Xmen will take on the Bobcats.


Whistliní Mothers 26††† Gunners 6

The BBQ Showdown saw the Whistlin' Mothers beat the Gunners 26-6.  Tom Tobin

threw TD's to Dave Wood (2), Steve Roney and Wil Clarke.  The Gunners couldn't get

to Tom and couldn't stop the Mothers.  Steve Craig-Pettem threw to Cory Jones for the

Gunners.  The Gunners will face 1000 Island Pizza in the playoffs. 


The annual league BBQ was a success once again.  The chili showdown was easily

won by Colin Jardine and his sweet smoky chili.  The BBQ was manned by

1000 Island Pizza's Kris Kluke and Chris Marchand and they did a great job feeding the

masses. Some donations were made and the league will announce where these

funds will go in time.  


Playoff Matchups

1. Team Ramrod vs Lagerheads

2. Whistlin' Mothers vs Mauraders

3. Bobcats vs Xmen

4. Keystorm Irish vs Colts

5. 1000 Island Pizza vs Gunners

6. Packers vs Toolmen

7. Dragons vs Gabriel Pizza




Week #6 Oct 14 2012:



Toolmen 21†††† 1000 Island Pizza 20

The Toolmen and 1000 Islands Pizza played a nail biter to start the day.

The Toolmen QB carousel spun and landed on Brad Speck after Cheese broke his hand.  

Brad threw 3 TD's including a highlight reel catch by Colin Jardine.  The old quick snap

also resulted in a 60 yd touchdown to Jamie Clarke.  Dick Tracey also had a TD in the win.  

Jamie Clarke kicked the winning single on the final play of the game.  For 1000IP,

Tim Caldwell played a great game at QB and was let down by his receivers.  Tim ran in

for a score, threw to Mike Stafford and Mark Henry.  


XMen 18†††† Lagerheads 6

The Xmen kept the Lagerheads winless on the season.  Mike Landon threw for

3 scores. Joe David, Mike Lasalle and Cody Paul were on the receiving end.

Ryan Blasko sacked the QB combo of the Lagerheads 4 times.  For the Lagerheads,

the star was Tim Millar. Tim hauled in a TD and also had one of the best catches

of the season over the middle and also got a sack.  Scott Tedford and

Jevon Groves also had INTs.


Whistlin' Mothers 7†††† Bobcats 7

In one of the most anticipated offensive matchups of the season, defense

reigned supreme as the game ended up as a stinker 7-7.  For the Mothers,

Tom Tobin threw to Noopi Dhaliwal.  Cole Zanchetta kept the pressure on

the Bobcats QBs with a pair of sacks.  For the Bobcats, Matt McNish did it all

himself with a TD run and a single point. Adam McNish and Kyle Stevenson had int's.


Keystorm Irish 25†††† Podium Sports Packers 20

Keystorm kept pace in the conference with their 4th win of the season.  

Kevin Perkins threw to his new favourite target Rob Fullarton twice for scores.  

The Tylers, Clemo and Stevenson, also caught TD's in the win.  Chris Cook was a

sacking maching picking up 5 sacks on Leigh Howard.  For the Packers, Leigh

threw twice to Jason Crotty and once to Justin Caron.  


Colts 28†††† Mauraders 6

Scott Kendall made an appearance for the Colts and made immediate dividends

helping the team to a 28-6 win over the suddenly cold Mauraders.  Kendall threw

3 td's and ran another one in himself.  Tom Curson, Nick Coleman and Shawn Lamont

were on the receiving end.  Kyle Weatherstone threw to Noel Gottfried in the loss.  


Team Ramrod 24†††† Dragons 1

One of the remaining undefeated teams Team Ramrod overcame clock

mismanagement to beat the Puffs 24-1.  Steve Michel filled in for the late

arriving Steve Foley and managed to run in a TD and hit Aaron Graham for another.  

Foley came at half and connected with Chris Smith (1st ever stat perhaps) and

Graham again.  Cyrus the Virus had another 2 sacks.  Graham also grabbed an

INT in the win.  For the Dragons, Craig Ellis had 2 sacks and Tom Dumbrille had

an int.  Their lone point came on a Scott Moore boot into the endzone on their only kickoff.


Gabriel's Pizza 32†††† Gunners 6

The other undefeated team Gabriel's Pizza continued to dominate their conference.  

They were led by the defense this week.  Steve White had 3 ints' including one

brought back to the house for a score.  Casey Reilly also had an int.  On the offensive

side of the ball, Mark Reilly threw TD's to Casey Reilly, Dustin Drury and twice to

Steve White.  For the Gunners, Brad Craig-Pettem threw one to Cory Jones.  

Each of them had a sack in the loss.





Week #5 Oct 07 2012:



Colts 21†††† Lagerheads 14

Matt Tobin threw second half touchdowns to  Josh Parsons, Wade Mooney and

Shawn Lamont. Mooney had 4 sacks. For the Lagerheads, Steve Castle threw to

Tim Millar and new Spare Rule #6 super sub Pierce Lapensse.


Team Ramrod 18†††† Keystorm Irish 6

The undefeated Team Ramrod were led by Steve Foley, who threw 2 tds to

Spencer Alguire and one to Aaron Graham. Foley also had 2 ints on defense.

For the Keystorm Irish, Kevin Perkins threw to top target Rob Fullarton.

Both Kevin and Rob also picked up interceptions. Chris Cook had 3 sacks on Foley.


Gabriel Pizza 35†††† Toolmen 14

Gabriel Pizza continued there chase for a championship repeat knocking off

the previously undefeated Toolmen 35-14.  Mark Reilly threw tds to Ryan Mcfadden,

Phil Nhimey and 2 to Steve White. Casey reilly returned a Tim Wilson pass for a td. 

Tim Wilson and Cheese split QB'ing duties for the Toolmen. Mike Cameron threw

to Paul Cauley and Dennis Dickson in the second half.


Whistlin' Mothers 34†††† 1000 Islands Pizza 0

Tom Tobin led the shorthanded Mothers over 1000 Island Pizza 34-0. TD tosses went

to Randy Bertrand, Dave Wood and spares Tim Wilson and Ryan Koolen. Wil Clarke

returned a Tim Caldwell pass for a td. Jeff severson and John Marshall had ints for 1000IP.


Bobcats 42†††† Packers 12

The high scoring Patriots, I mean Bobcats continued to score like celebrities in a

small town.  Matt McNish threw 3 tds to Matt Walker and one to Adam McNish.

Matt Walker once again returned the favor and hit Matt McNish for another score.

Dave Lesuer returned one of his 2 ints for a TD. Leigh Howard threw to Paul Curless

and Justin Caron for the Packers.


Xmen 20†††† Dragons 7

Spare QB Devin Paul filled in nicely for the Xmen and connected with Mike Lasalle

and  Paul Dier. Devin also ran in for a score. The Dragons continued to struggle on the

season. Dale Dejong threw a touchdown to Scott Moore. Moore also had 3 ints.


Gunners 36†††† Mauraders 6

Steve Craig Pettem threw 2 tds each to Cory Jones and Kyle Lundy, and one to

Brad Craig Pettem.  The law firm stayed in second place in the conference with the win. 

The Mauraders were shorthanded again, but Noel Gottfried threw to

Luke Meppedler in the loss.




Week #4 Sept 30 2012:


Toolmen35††††††††† Lagerheads0

The Toolmen used a QB by committee attack to shut out the Lagerheads 35-0.  

Tim Wilson threw TD's to Colin Jardine (1st in 6 years with Tim) and Brad Speck.  

Brad Speck threw a TD to Tim Wilson.  Mike Cameron came in during mop up

time and threw TD's to Dick Tracey and Jamie Clarke.  Tim showed his all around

game by grabbing 2 ints in the game.  For the Lagerheads, Joe Wilson and

Steve Castle split time at QB but couldn't muster any offence.  Jevon Groves

had an INT and a sack for the Lagerheads.


Gabriel Pizza 34††††††† Colts8

Gabriel Pizza stayed at the top of their division with a 34-8 win over the

undermanned Colts.  Mark Reilly threw 4 scores in the win.  TD's were had by

Casey Reilly, Phil Nhimey, Dustin Drury and Matt Vanderbaaren.  Casey returned

an INT for a td and Dustin Drury had 3 sacks. Tom Curson threw to Tony Melcher

and Tony used the cartoon like speed to run away from Casey Reilly who put up

a good chase.


Gunners30††††††† Xmen12

The Gunners remained among the undefeated with a 30-12 win over the Xmen.  

Brad Craig-Pettem filled in at QB and threw 3 TD's and ran another in himself.  

Catching the TDs were Matt Pettem, Ben McIntyre and Spero Sperelli.  Brad Synott

had 2 INTs.  The Paul boys connected twice in defeat, Cody throwing 2 to Casey in

the loss.


Team Ramrod29††† Bobcats18

Team Ramrod continues to roll over the competition with a 29-18 win over the Bobcats.

Steve Foley threw 2 TD's each to Tim Hatfield and Matt Raby. Cyrus Zomederis continued

his nutsacking of the QB's he's chased with a league leading 10th. Matt McNish threw to

Matt Walker,Jeff McNish and Ty McNish for the Bobcat Family.


Whistliní Mothers26††† Dragons6

The Whistlin' Mothers won 26-6 over the Dragons.  Tom Tobin threw to Scott Cruciger (2 TD),

Will Clarke (1) and Cole Zanchetta beat his dad on a hook and go for bragging rights in the

household for the third.  Noopi Dhaliwal had 3 picks against Dale DeJong and Cole Z. picked

Kevin Harper.  Harp threw to Dave (Bull) Rigutto for the Dragons score while Dale DeJong

and Shawn Woods intercepted TT.


Keystorm Irish††† 21††††† 1000 Islands Pizza14

The Keystorm Irish won again over 1000 Islands Pizza.  Kevin  Perkins hit Rob Fullarton

twice and ageless wonder Johnny McIntyre once.  Tyler Stevenson had an int and KP had

2 in the win.  Tim Caldwell connected with Jeff Severson and John Marshall for the Pizzeria.

Drew Mckibbon had 2 sacks, and the team had 4 ints in the loss.


Podium Sports Packers39††† Mauraders25

The Packers got on the scoreboard early and often to win their first of the season, 39-25

over the Mauraders.  Leigh Howard had an Al Bundy type of game, throwing 4 TD's,

running 1 in and getting a 2pt convert credited to him. Ryan Harper caught 2 TDs and had a

sack.  Dave Bolger had a TD and 3 converts.  Noel Gottfried filled in at QB for KW and had a

great day throwing 4 tds.  Catching for the Maruaders were Luke Meppedler and Lee Stagg

with 2 each.





Week #3 Sept 23 2012:


Toolmen 12††††††† XMen 12

The Toolmen tied their second straight game, this time vs. The XMen. Dennis Dickson caught

both TDs for the toolmen. Defense had 3 ints. For the Xmen, Mike Landon hit Ryan Blasko and

Casey Paul for TD's.

Gunners41†††††† Lagerheads 6
The Gunners beat the Lagerheads 41-6. Joe Wilson hit Tim Millar for the Lagerheads.

Steve Craig-Pettem had 5 td passes to five different receivers and ran another in himself.

Bart Roque got his 6th INT of the season in the loss.

Team Ramrod 21†††† Whistliní Mothers 14
In the game of the week, the battle of the unbeatens went to the Ramrods with a 21-14 win

over the Whistlin' Mothers. Steve Foley threw to Hatfield twice and Aaron Graham for the other.

Cyrus the Virus had 3 more sacks. Tom Tobin threw to Steve Roney and Randy Bertrand in the loss.

Bobcats43†††† Dragons†† 0

The Bobcats went wild over the Dragons, 43-0. Matt McNish threw 5 Tds, caught 1 from Matt

Walker. Receiving TD's were Adam McNish (2), Matt Walker, Matt McNish and Shane McNish.

Adam completed the hattrick with an INT return for TD. Kyle Stevenson had 2 picks for the Defense.

For the Dragons, their highlight was a sack by Ian Perry.

1000 Islands Pizza30††† Podium Sports Therapy Packers24

1000 Island Pizza beat the Packers 30-24. Tim Caldwell threw 4 td's, 2 to Jeff Severson, one each

to Mike Stafford and Sean Geraghty. Tony Stafford had a return TD for the Pizza. No stats available

for the Packers.

Gabriel Pizza25††† Mauraders20

Gabriel Pizza beat the Mauraders to stay undefeated 25-20. Mark Reilly threw TD's to Casey Reilly,

Dustin Drury, Phil Nhimey and Jay Wright. Colin Publow continued to play stellar D with 2 more INTs.

No stats available for the Mauraders.

Keystorm Irish14†††† Colts†† 6

Keystorm 14 Colts 6. Rob Fullarton with 2 td's and a pick. Tyler Clemo 2 singles and Loan

Duong with an INT. No information from the Colts.

Leading scorers in the league are Casey Reilly 49, Tim Hatfield 46 and Adam McNish 36. Sack leader

is Cyrus Zomederis with 9, INT leader is Bart Rocque with 6.




Week #2 Sept 16 2012:


Colts 30†††† XMen 6
Colts welcomed back Scott Kendall who proceeded to make sure the rest of the league took notice.

SK threw 4 TDs, had 3 sacks including one for a safety and an Int. TD passes went to Wade Mooney,

Dan St Denis, Tom Curson and Nick Coleman. The Xmen were forced to pick up someone out for a

leisurely stroll to QB them. Brad Churchill threw a score to Casey Paul for the Xmen.

Toolmen 20†††† Gunners 20
A back and forth game ended in dramatic fashion. The Gunners came back to score 2 TD's in the

fourth to earn the tie. Steve Craig-Pettem threw 2 to Cory Jones and ran one in himself.

Brad Craig-Pettem had 2 INT's. Tim Wilson and Brad Speck shared time at QB resulting in TD

throws to Speck, Dick Tracey, and Jamie Clarke. Mike Cameron had 2 INts. for the old guys in grey.

Mauraders 40†††† Lagerheads 18
Kyle Weatherstone tried to keep pace with Kendall of the Colts, accounting for 3 TD throws,

1 Rushing TD, and an INT returned for a TD. Dane Adams had 2 TDs, Trent Adams had one and

spare Cory Jones from the Gunners had an INT return for a TD as well. The Lagerheads showed

some fight with Joe Wilson throwing 2 long TD's to Tim Millar. Steve Castle had an INT that was

lateraled to Jevon Groves for a TD. Bart Roque ball hawked 3 INTs.

Gabriel Pizza 34†††† Bobcats 12
Mark Reilly continued his dominance with 4 TDs. Casey Reilly caught 2, Dustin Drury 1 and

Phil Nhimey 1. Casey also had an INT and a kick return for a TD for the second straight week.

Colin Publow had his 3rd pick of the season and Dustin had 2 sacks. Matt McNish threw TD's to

Matt Walker and Adam McNish in the losing effort.

Ramrods 28†††† Podium Sports Packers 0
Steve Foley gave Tim Hatfield the hat trick and threw another to Coach Atkinson. Cyrus da Virus

had 3 sacks. Leigh Howard got his first start of the year for the Pack and had great weather.

Jason Crotty and Scott Bennett had INT's for the Pack.

1000 Island Pizza 33†††† Dragons 0
Tim Caldwell had 5 TD's to get 1000 Island Pizza their first win of the year. Mike Stafford

caught 2. Single TD's went to Drew Mckibbon, Johnny Marshall and Ryan Bertrand.

Drew picked up 4 sacks, and the team had 3 INT's. Sean Woods and Kevin Harper split

QB'ing duties for the Dragons. Craig Ellis had 2 sacks and Woodsy grabbed an INT.

Whistlin' Mother 28 Keystorm Irish 20
Defensive ace Noopi Dhaliwal filled in for Tom Tobin and had a great one to one connection

with Simon Labett. 3 TD's for the combo. Will Clarke returned and INT for score. The Mothers

had 4 INTs and a sack on the day. No stats submitted at time of press for the Irish.





Week #1 Sept 09 2012:


Gunners 22†† Colts 0
Steve Craig-Pettem accounted for 3 TDís. Throwing to Cory Jones and Brian Hewitt and running in

himself for one. Brad Craig-Pettem collected 2 INTS, a sack and a conversion. Strong defense shut

down the Colts who played without their captain and QB Scott Kendall. Matt Tobin and Tony Melcher

filled in for the Colts.

Toolmen 14†† Mauraders 12
Straight out of a 1995 BMTFL game, Tim Wilson hit returning veteran Jon Monk Devlin for 2 TDís.

The veteran led Toolmen helped keep Kyle Weatherstoneís running game under control. Kyle threw

a TD to Dane Adams and ran one in for himself. Rookie Mitchell Hardy got to Wilson 3 times for sacks.

Keystorm Irish†† 21 Dragons 12
Kevin Perkins threw 3 TDís to Rob Fullarton, Loan Duong and Tyler Stevenson. Chris Cook had a sack

for a safety. Dale Dejong hit big Scott Moore with 2 TDís for the Dragons. Moore also had 1 INT.

Whistliní Mothers 27†† Podium Sports Packers 7
After taking a year off, Tom Tobin came back strong in his first QB game in a while. He threw 4 TDís,

2 to Simon Labett and 2 to Wil Clarke. The Mothers played a strong game on defense with

Noopi Dhaliwal get 2 INTís, Simon and Wil getting 1 each. Dave Bolger filled in for Leigh Howard and

connected with Jason Crotty for a TD, and grabbed an INT on the other side of the ball.

Bobcats 34†† 1000 Islands Pizza 6
The McNish flavoured Bobcats served up a slice to 1000 Islands Pizza. Matt McN threw 4 tds and

caught anther from Matt Walker. Walker and Adam McN had 2 TDís apiece. Jon Cross kept up the

defensive intensity with 3 sacks of Tim Caldwell. Tim threw to Mike Stafford for the lone score.

Gabriel Pizza 47†† XMen 14
Defending champs Gabriel Pizza showed why they are to be taken serious again. Mark Reilly

had 5 TDís, including 2 to Steve White and Casey Reilly. Casey also returned a kickoff for a TD and

returned an INT for a score. Colin Publow had 2 INTs. Mike Landon threw TDís to Paul Dier and

Mike LaSalle for the Xmen.


Ramrods 20†† Lagerheads 12
Steve Foley threw 2 TDís to Tim Hatfield and ran another one in for himself. Foley, Steve Michel

and Aaron Graham had INTís for the Ramrods. Joe Wilson threws TDís to Steve Castle and Tim Millar.

Bart Roque had 2 INTs and Steve Locke had one.


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