Brockville Men's Touch Football
Highlights 2014
Week 1 Summaries

Dutchmen 13 - Toolmen 12
The first game at TISS featured The Dutchmen taking on the Toolmen. Missing their starting QB, the Dutchmen had to rely on the backup to lead them into battle. Rob Fullarton and rookie Clayton Dunnington had TD scores. The Toolmen sought to defend their championship from last year but ultimately came up short as they couldn't punch it in from the 1 yard line at the end of the game. Tim Wilson had TD scores to Tim Millar and Paul Donnelly. Bob Mulrooney had 2 ints including a diving one that had the packed crowd oohing and ahhing. Final score was 13-12 Dutchmen.

Keystorm Irish 31 - Facebook friends 6
The late game at TISS was a battle between two short handed teams. Facebook Friends were without their captain and "QB" as he was off in the big time. Jamie Clarke and rookie Mark Fournier tried to fill in at QB but really didn't fit the role. Jeremy Morrison caught a TD from Clarke for FF's only points. Their defense did show up collecting a league high 5 interceptions. Keystorm Irish was also shorthanded and played with 7. Rick Carriere came up with some clutch throws to lead them to 5 TDs and the 31-6 victory. Tyler Clemo had 3 TD's in the win. Loan Duong had a TD and 2 ints.

Gabriel Pizza 27 - 1000 Islands Pizzaa 20
At Calbrock, Gabriel Pizza took on 1000 Islands Pizza in the battle of the slices. Behind the strong performance by Mark Reilly, GP took the crown with a 27-20 win. Kevin Harper had 2 slices of TD's, Aaron Millward and Matt Wing chipped in one each. For 1000 Islands, Eric Knapp had a TD and 2 sacks, Ryan Ashbee and Jordan Flood also scored.

Studio 44 20 - Team Ramrod 14
Studio 44 took on Team Ramrod in the late game there. It was a victorious QB debut for Tim Hatfield as they came out on top 20-14. Tom Curson caught 2 TD's and Hatfield had a game changing 80 yard (his measurement) touchdown sprint. Bishop Flood led the D with 4 sacks of Foley. Spencer Alguir and Mike Stafford had the TD catches for Ramrod.

Bobcats 26 - Farmers 19
At Commonwealth, the early game had the Bobcats taking on the Farmers. The father son combo of Matt and Shane McNish was too much as they connected for 4 touchdowns. Corey Jones had 3 interceptions on D for the Bobcats. The Farmers had scores thrown to Devon Gallacher and Markus Lovell by Scott Kendall. Kendall also ran for a TD and single in the loss. Matt Walker had 2 ints for the Farmers. The final score was 26-19.

Sunday Schoolers 24 - Whistlin' Mothers 8
The middle matchup was The Whistlin' Mothers taking on the Sunday Schoolers. The kids from Sunday School took the old ladies to school with a 24-8 victory. Chris Michel was on fire throwing TD scores to brother Steve, Luke Castle and Casey Reilly. Steve Michel also took a pick to the house for a score. Steve Castle had 2 sacks, Dave Wood and Casey added picks. The Mothers had a scoring connection from Leigh Howard to Dwayne Worden.

Marauders 20 - Gunners 15
The late game was the return of the Marauders as the took on the Gunners. Kyle Weatherstone's return was successful as he ran for a score and hooked up with Will Clarke and Mark Henry in the 20-15 win. KW, DJ Primrose and O Spice had ints vs the Gunners. The Gunners had a throwing score from Brad Craig-Pettem to Matt Pettem and BCP ran one in. Chris Stewart had a pair of INTS and Dustin Payne had 1.
Week 2 BMTFL Summaries

Gunners 19 Bobcats 18
The most exciting matchup of the week had the Bobcats and Gunners duking it out.  The Gunners seemed to be closing in on victory, until the Bobcats managed to score a game tying TD with under 5 plays left.  The Gunners stuffed their convert attempt to save their tie.  BUT, with 2 plays remaining after the kick, the Gunners drove 60 yards on one play.  On the final play of the game, Brad Craig-Pettem attempted to kick the single for the victory from 25 yards out, but the Bobcats fielded the kick and kicked it back out.  The Gunners received and tried to kick back in, but a no yards penalty gave the Gunners one final chance at the single and BCP kicked it through for the victory, 19-18.  Matt Pettem had 2 TD's and James Corderre 1 for the Gunners.  For the Cats, the McNish boys, Shane and Ty each had a Td and Nick Tobin had one.

Farmers 26 1000 Islands Pizza 18
The only other close game of the week saw the 1000 Islands Pizza team take on the Farmers.  The QB duo of Scott Kendall and Matt Walker teamed up to lead the Farmers to a 26-18 victory.  Kendall threw scores to Walker and Captain Adam Mcnish, while Markus Lovell had 2 TDs from Walker.  For 1000IP, Tim Caldwell had scoring throws to Ryan Ashby, Devin Vanbitterswyck and Matt Steenson.  DVB had 3 sacks as well.

Dutchmen 19 Marauders 0
The Dutchmen welcomed back their QB Luke Meppelder and had a great defensive game with a 19-0 win over the Marauders.  Luke had scoring throws to Craig Ellis, Jason Crotty and Nate Yeung.  Rookie Clayton Dunnington is proving worthy of a Rookie of the year award with 3 more sacks, and 4 pass knockdowns.  Fullarton, Yeung and Maycock had INTs.  For the Marauders, Mark Henry filled in at QB and couldn't get things going.  DJ Primrose had an INT and Chris Barrington a sack.

Toolmen 19 Facebook friends 0
The Toolmen took on Facebook Friends in a friendly battle.  The Toolies were missing three studs but still managed to game plan a victory of FBF, 19-0.  Bob Mulrooney had a TD pass to Tom Lynch and Tim Millar threw to Lynch twice for scores in the victory.  The game was won on the defensive side as the TM picked off Josh Parsons 6 times and Lynch sacked him 3 times.  Leading the charge was Derek Sloan and Millar with 2 each, Paul Donnelly and Mulrooney one each.  Dan St. Denis had 2 sacks for the men in pink.

Gabriel Pizza 34 Sunday Schoolers 8
Gabriel Pizza took care of church by sending the Sunday Schoolers back to class with a 34-8 win.  Matt Wing had 2 TD's and scored a TD off a Mike Lasalle INT.  A Millward, D Bolger both had TD's. The Sunday Schoolers had a score from Ryan McFadden and an INT from Luke Castle.

Keystorm Irish 26 Team Ramrod 6
The Keystorm Irish rolled once again, winning 26-6 over Team Ramrod.  Rick Carriere continued his hot start with 4 more TD's, 3 to Tyler Clemo who now has 6 on the season.  Cheese had a TD and 2 INTs, one going for a score.  Loan Duong had 2 picks as well.  Team Ramrod had a score from Ben McNeil in the loss.

Whistlin' Mothers 26 Studio 44 12
The Whistlin' Mothers beat Studio 44 26-12 despite the big age difference and their choice of music.  The disco lovers couldn't stop country boy Leigh Howard as he hit Sam Moyse twice, Dwayne Worden and Brian Kinch.  Kinch had 2 sacks in the final few minutes to sew up the win, but may have done some damage to his leg.  Injuries are taking over the Mothers as Labett, Moyse Sr. and Kinch are all out for some time.  Studio 44 had scores from Doug Andress and Bart Rocque.  Bishop Flood had 2 sacks in the loss.
Week 3

Toolmen 20 Marauders 0
The Toolmen and the shorthanded Marauders started off the week in the rain at Commonwealth. The Toolies never let up and defeated the red 20-0. It was tough for Marauders with only 6 bodies. Tyler Kaddatz did his best at QB but was picked 3 times and sacked twice. Noel Gottfried and Will Clarke had ints off Tim Wilson. Kaddatz had two sacks rushing vs Wilson. Wilson connected on a short pass and run for a TD to Bob Mulrooney. rob Hannah had a big game with 2 ints, a sack and a TD for the Cowan hat trick. Tim Millar rounded out the scoring.

Farmers 15 Dutchmen 14
The Farmers and Dutchmen faced off at Calbrock. The Dutchmen took the lead at the half thanks to 2 TD's from Rob Fullarton. The Farmers fought back for a late score and convert in the second half to pull out the 15-14 victory. Scott Kendall threw a TD to Matt Walker and then Walker returned the favour with a toss to Kendall for the 2 TD's. Devon Gallagher had 4 sacks on the day.

Team Ramrod 26 Whistlin' Mothers 8
Team Ramrod faced the Whistlin' Mothers. No one was Whistling as the Ramrods won 26-8. Steve Foley had scoring tosses to Mike Stafford (2), Spencer Alguire and Wade Mooney. For the Mothers, Nick Coleman caught a TD from Leigh Howard. sam Moyse had 2 sacks and Trevor Ball Hauk had an int.

Bobcats 33 FB friends 12
The bobcat machine took on the Facebook Friends. Team McNish was in full effect as poppa hit Ty for 3 TD's. Poppa also ran one in and threw to
Chris condon for the other scores. Josh McKibbon had 2 sacks and Cory Jones an int. Make the final BC 33 FF 12. Josh Parsons had 2 td throws in a bounce back game. Joe david and Jeremy Morrison had the tds.

Sunday Schoolers 12 Gunners 7
The Sunday schoolers and Gunners faced off in the early game at TISS. Chris Michel had a scoring throw to Casey Reilly. reilly also had a 4th quarter int that was taken back to the house for a touchdown . Spero Sperou also had an interception. SS 12 Gunners 7. For the Gunners, Brad Craig-Pettem the to Matt Pettem. Pettem also had an int along with Matt Fisher.

1000 Islands Pizza 8 Studio 44 7
Big congrats goes out to 1000 Islands Pizza as they won their first game in 2 seasons with an 8-7 win over studio 44. Caldwell hit Devin Vanblitterswyck for the score. DvB also had 3 sacks including 1 for a safety.
Matt Steenson, Caldwell and Jordan flood had ints. Tim Hatfield hit Dave Flood for the 44 score. Bishop Flood finished off the flood family reunion with 2 sacks.
Gabriel Pizza came out on top in the battle of the undefeated as they took the Keystorm Irish down 26 - 12. Mark Reilly had 4 td passes on the day. Mike Lasalle had 2, Dave bolger and Matt Wing 1 each. Bolger added an int and Tanner Dejong a sack. Loan Duong had 2 TD's for Keystorm. Cody Smith had 2 sacks.
Week 4

Dutchmen 28 Facebook friends 6
The lonely game at Commonwealth turned into a lonely game for the Facebook Friends. The Dutchmen welcomed back Luke to the field and he didn't disappoint as he threw for 4 TD's. Rob Fullarton had 2 and Clayton Dunnington had 2. Clayton added 2 sacks. The shorthanded FF got a score from hopeful Brockville city councillor David Leseur as a spare. Jamie Clarke had an int on defense and filled in at QB. Final score 28-6.

Toolmen 12 Gunners 6
The Toolmen and Gunners played a hotly contested defensive battle at calbrock. The Toolmen came out on top 12-6 thanks to TD's from Tim Millar and Casey Paul. The defense kept up the pace intercepting Brad Craig-Pettem 5 times. Bob Mulrooney had 2. Dustin Payne had a TD for the Gunners. Matt Fisher had 2 ints as they picked off Tim Wilson 4 times and Roy crump sacked him 3 times.

Whistlin Mothers 8 1000 Islands Pizza 0
The Whistling Mothers got to 2-2 with an 8-0 blanking of 1000 Islands Pizza. Sam Moyse caught the only score of the game. Trevor Hauk and Shane Granger each had 2 ints. Eric Knapp had 4 sacks for 1000 IP.

Bobcats 29 Gabriel Pizza 29
The explosive offenses of Bobcats and Gabriel Pizza were on display at TISS. The game came down to the final play as Gabriel tried to kick a single for the win but Corey Jones kicked the ball back out of the end zone to keep the 29-29 tie. Jones and Chris Condon each had 2 TD's for BC. Dave Bolger had 2, Kevin Harper and Tanner Dejong 1 each for Gabes.

Keystorm 6 Studio 44 0
Keystorm Irish stayed hot with a 6-0 win over Studio 44. The 44ers had 4 sacks from bishop flood and a pick from Steve white. The Irish got a TD from someone.

Team Ramrod 8 Sunday Schoolers 6
The late game at calbrock had Team Ramrod facing the Sunday Schoolers. In another defensive battle, Team Ramrod came out on top, 8-6. Steve Foley hit Mike stafford for the only TD and Spencer Alguire had the winning 2pt conversion. Chris Michel hit Luke Castle for the only School score. Shane Belanger had 3 sacks.

Farmers 27 Marauders 0
Lastly, the Marauders and Farmers faced off at TISS. The Farmers came away with the big 27-0 win. The QB duo of Kendall and Walker combined to throw 3 tds. Matt Walker, threw two and took an interception back for a TD. Cliff Matthews had 2 sacks and an Int on defense. Markus Lovell had his 4th TD of the season. DJ Primrose has his 3rd int of the season in the loss.
Week 5 Shortlights

Dutchmen 22 Studio 44 0
Dutchmen shut out Studio 44 22-0.  Rob Fullarton, Scott Maycock and Clayton Dunnington scored for the Dutch.  Clayton had a big day with a 1pt, 3 sacks and a safety.  Bishop Flood had 2 sacks for the Downward Dogs.

Farmers 34 Toolmen 0
The Farmers dug a hole and planted the Toolmen 34-0.  TD's a plenty from Lovell (2), Kendall, and McNish and Matt Walker running in one. kendall had 2 ints and Cliff Matthews 4 sacks.

Gabriel Pizza 34 Mothers 28
Gabriel Pizza beat the Mothers in a shootout 34-28.  Matt Wing with 2 TD's, K Harp and Brontmire 1 each.  Mike Lasall took one of his 2 ints back for a TD.  The Mothers got scores from Brad Speck (2), Scott Teford, and Sam Moyse. 

Team Ramrod 27 1000 Islands Pizza 12
Team Ramrod beat up on 1000 Islands Pizza 27-12.  Steve Foley ran 2 TDs in, and threw to Mike Stafford twice.  Devin VanBitterswyck and Ryan Ashbee with TD scores.

Keystorm Irish 12 Sunday Schoolers 6
Keystorm Irish and Sunday Schoolers kept it close, but the Irish came out on top 12-6.  Cody Smith and Cheese Cameron got the TD's.  Cody got 4 sacks and Cheese 2 ints.  Big Chris Marchand took an int to the house for the Sunday Schoolers.

Bobcats 7 Marauders 7
The Bobcats and Marauders battled to a 7-7 tie.  Chris Condon had the only score for BC. Corey Jones had 3 ints and Kurt Gebhart one.

Gunners 20 FB friends 7
The Gunners kept the Facebook Friends winless as Dustin Payne collected 2 TDs and BCP ran one in.  Roy Crump had 2 sacks.  Josh Parsons ran in the lone score for FF.  Final score 20-7.

Week 6
Dutchmen 21 Gunners 6
The early risers took the field at 8am as the Dutchmen took on the Gunners.  The Dutchmen pushed through behind the strong game Rob Fullarton and Luke Meppelder for the 21-6 win.  Fullarton's 2 TDs puts him into the league lead in scoring with one game to go.  Jamie Garvin had the other TD.  The Gunners got a scoring play Brad Craig-Pettem to Roy Crump. 

Farmers 26 FB friends 0
The next game at Commonwealth had Facebook Friends looking for their first win against the first place Farmers.  Despite staying reasonably close for the first half, the Farmers ploughed and hayed their way to a 26-0 victory.  Matt "not injured" Walker had another outstanding game throwing 4 TD's.  Scott Kendall, Markus Lovell, Adam McNish and Devon Gallacher had the scores.  Cliff Matthews had 4 sacks in the win.  Joe David had a int for the FF.

Bobcats 20 Toolmen 19
Game 3 at CW had a shorthanded Toolmen taking on the high scoring Bobcats.  Coming out of retirement for a game was Tom Tobin to try and relive the glory years.  The first half didn't go as planned as the center/QB connection couldn't get the offense going for the Toolies.  The Bobcats managed to score and take the lead into half, with catches from Chris Condon and Corey Jones.  The Toolmen made a switch at the half and other spare Luke Meppelder came in to throw.  He connected with speed burner Rob Hannah on a catch and run as he outran the Bobcats speedsters for a long TD.  Jones scored again for the BC to give them a lead.  The Toolmen scored on a Luke run to cut it to 7.  With less than 5 plays left, Rob H and Luke connected again on a long corner route to make it 20-19.  Deciding to go for the glory, the BC came up with the stop and the victory. 

Gabriel Pizza 32 Team Ramrod 12
The rescheduled late game was Gabriel Pizza taking on Team Ramrod.  Mark Reilly would not let the underdogs take over as he led the GPs with 3 throwing TD's and a rushing TD for the 32-12 win.  Aaron Millward came in for mop up duty and connected with Dave Bolger to close it out.  Adam Bromire, Kevin Harper and Tanner Dejong on a long catch and run were the other scorers.  For RR, Spencer Alguire and spare Ty McNish had scores from Steve Foley.  Chris Cook had 2 sacks.

Keystrom Irish 30 1000 Islands Pizza 6
At Calbrock, 1000 Islands Pizza took on Keystorm Irish.  The Irish stayed hot behind the rejuvenated Rick Carriere who threw 5 more TDs leading the team to the 30-6 win. Cody Smith, Tyler Clemo, Duff, Cheese and Loan all scored.  Duff and cheese had 2 ints, Loan 1 and Cody 1 sack.  Tim Caldwell hit Justin Caron for a score.

Studio 44 16 Sunday Schoolers 12
The middle game had Studio 44 and Sunday Schoolers battling for position in the standings.  The defensive battle had lots of defensive stats.  Studio 44 had touchdowns from Pete Atkinson and James Andress.  Hatfield kicked a single and a saftey sack from Bishop Flood, sacker extraordinaire.  Tom Curson had 2 picks, with hatfield, Bart Rocque and Atkinson getting 1 each.  The final score was 16-12 Studio 44.  For Sunday Schoolers, Luke Castle had 2 ints, one going back for 6.  Steve Michel relieved his brother at QB and hit Luke with the other score.  Spero Speru, Dave Wood, Steve Michel all had ints, and Shane Belanger had 3 sacks.

Whistlin Mothers 30 Marauders 22
The last game of the week was the Whistlin' Mothers taking on the Marauders.  The game featured highlights from both sides.  Chris Barrington took a kick off to the house for the Marauders.  Kyle Weatherstone ran 2 tds' in but it wasn't enough to contain the man child, Leigh Howard.  Leigh threw 3tds, and also ran back one of his 2 interceptions 50+ yards for a touchdown.  Sam Moyse had a fantastic game with a TD, 2pt conversion, int and 2 sacks.  Fill in Brad Speck had a TD.  Matt Speck visited the 1000 Islands region for Thanksgiving and played for both teams, registering a TD with the Mothers.  The final score was 30-22 Mothers.

Stay tuned to the website for games and times for week 7 and playoffs.
Week 7
The final week of the BMTFL regular season saw the playoff matchups settled.  A few teams leaped others in the standings thanks to clutch wins.

Keystorm 26 Whistlin Mothers 14
The Keystorm Irish clinched first place in the Hoy Hone division with a convincing 26-14 win over the Whistlin' Mothers.  Defense was the show for KS as they picked off Leigh Howard 4 times, 2 going back for TD's.  Loan Duong and Tyler Clemo took them to the house.  They both each scored TD's the normal way from Cheese's tosses.  The Mother's welcomed back top pick Simon Labett just in time for the playoff run and Leigh connected with him twice.  The Irish will play the Facebook Friends in the cross over round and the Mothers' will take on the Toolmen.

Farmers 27 Gunners 6
The Farmers took first place in the Smith Baker conference with a 27-6 win over the Gunners.  Matt Walker was again the MVP with a rushing TD, a pick 6 and a throwing TD.  Adam McNish had 2 ints, one for a TD.  Brad Craig-Pettem hit his favourite scoring target Matt Pettem for the lone Gunners points.  Roy Crump had another sack.  Farmers will face the Sunday Schoolers while the Gunners get Gabriel Pizza.

Studio44 24 Gabriel Pizza 22
Gabriel Pizza dropped from first in the division due to a 24-22 upset victory by Studio 44.  The win helped the Downward Dogs clinch 5th.  Chris Kluke, Whitey and David Flood scored.  Whitey also took back a Reilly int for 6.  James Andress had 2 sacks one for a safety.  For Gabes, KHarper had 2 td's and 2 ints.  Mike Lasalle had a TD and a sack.  Studio 44 faces the Bobcats next week.

Team Ramrod 21 Toolmen 0
Team Ramrod dismantled the Toolmen to the tune of 21-0.  Spencer Alguire had 2 touchdowns and Mike Stafford 1.  Wade Mooney had an INT and a sack, and Ben McNeil had a pick, but should have had 3.  Rob Hannah had 2 sacks and an INT for the Toolmen.  Next up for Ramrod are the Marauders.

Marauders 47 Facebook Friends 0
The Marauders unfriended, blocked, and reported the Facebook Friends 47-0.  Sportsmanship obviously wasn't present here.  Weatherstone had a rushing TD and threw to Gottfried, Dane Adams, Kaddatz, Clarke and Barrington.  Dane had a pick 6 and another int and 2 sacks.  Trent Adams had 2 sacks and Kyle picked up a safety.  Jamie Clarke had an int for the lone FF stat.

Dutchmen 25 Bobcats 9
The Dutchmen clinched second in the Smith Baker, beating the Bobcats 25-9.  Luke Mepps hit Rob Fullarton with 2 TD's, one each to maycock and Raycroft.  Chris Condon had the TD for BC. The Dutchmen will face 1000 Islands Pizza next week.

1000 Island Pizza 21 Sunday Schoolers 0
1000 Island Pizza moved up a spot by defeating Sunday Schoolers 21-0.  Tim Caldwell had scoring tosses to Devin VanBlitterswyck, Justin Caron and Mark McLean.  Eric Knapp had 3 sacks.  DVB had 2 ints.  Shane Belanger had 2 sacks for Sunday Schoolers. 

Week 8 Playoffs round 1

  Team Ramrod 23 Marauders 20
  Farmers 14 Sunday Schoolers 6
  Whistlin' Mothers 32 Toolmen 14
  DutchMen 27 1000 Islands Pizza 7
  keystorm Irish 24 facebook Friends 6
  Studio 44 25 Bobcats 7
Week 9 Playoff round 2 Elimination
Week 2 of the playoffs featured the Defense Department taking over.

The Dutchmen took Team Yoga and turned them into a pretzel with a 34-0 victory over Studio 44.  Luke Meppelder was all over the place.  He ran in a TD, threw 3 and got an INT.  Rob Fullarton had a pick 6.  Scoring the other TD's were Scott Maycock and Clayton Dunnington with 2.  Studio 44 didn't have much to cheer for on the day.

Gabriel Pizza beat down Team Ramrod 29-0.  Dave Bolger continued his hot post season with 2 more TD's.  Adam Brontmire, Kevin Harper each with a TD from Mark Reilly.  On D, Mike O'Reilly had 2 picks, Matt Wing one and Mike Lasalle two sacks.  Mike Stafford and Brad Melcher had Ints for Ramrod.

The Dutchmen and Gabriel Pizza match up in what's expected to be a high scoring semi final matchup.

The other half of the A bracket had Keystorm Irish taking on the Whistlin' Mothers.  This was a tight, low scoring game.  Simon Labett had a TD for Mothers and Sam Moyse had the game winning 2pt convert in the 8-6 win.  Keystorm had a TD from Loan Duong.  At the end of the game, Keystorm had the ball on the 25 with 2 plays remaining.  They completed a pass for a first down and then had a shot at the win on the last play of the game.  Simon Labett proved worthy of his first round status with the defensive play to stop the pass.  Cody Smith had 3 sacks in the loss.

The other game was #1 seed Farmers taking on #8 Bobcats.  Another brutally close game went the distance and even further, with the Farmers taking the game 15-14 in Overtime.  Matt Walker rand in a score, threw to Kevin Wyleman's and kicked two singles including the winner.  Matt mcNish threw scores to Chris Condon and Ty McNish. 

The Farmers will face Whsitlin' Mothers in Semi Final #2.

Over on the B side, the biggest upset came when winless Facebook Friends beat the shorthanded Toolmen 13-6.  Jamie Clarke picked off a pass and took it to the house for 6.  Josh Parsons hit Jeremy Morrison for another score.  An injury to Toolmen backup QB Bob Mulrooney opened the door for Derek Sloan and his big arm to start the second half.  Sloan hit Tim Millar on a deep fly to cut the lead.  Alas, the defensive stood big for FF as they celebrated their first win of the season.  Jamie Clark and Josh Parson had 2 int each for FF.  Colin jardine and Tim Millar had 2 ints each for the Toolmen.

The Gunners took out the Marauders 25-0.  BCP thew scores to Alec Peters, Matt Pettem and Matt Fisher.  BCP had a pick 6 as well.  Fisher and Brandon Stone with 2 INTS each.  Kyle Weatherstone had an INT on d for the Marauders.

The Gunners and Facebook Friends will battle it out for the right to play in the B final.

Their opponent will be the winner of the last game, 1000 Island Pizza vs Sunday Schoolers.  This game could be described as either fascinating or boring as the teams fought to a 2-0 win by 1000 I.P.  The lone points came on two single kicks by Devin Vanbitterswyck and Jordan Flood.
Championship Saturday
The day started off with a battle between the Facebook Friends and Gunners.  FF had a big swagger coming off their first victory of the season.  Gunners were playing short handed as they never expected to be there I guess.  FF went on to the 12-6 victory with Jamie Clarke getting a couple of touchdowns and a couple of ints. 

The first semi final on the A side was a battle between the number 1 ranked team Farmers taking on the upstart, aging, hurting Whistlin' Mothers.  The Mother's used ball possession and some old school dink and dunks to keep the ball away from the explosive offense of the Farmers.  The Mothers went up a score at the half and kept plugging away to come away with the win.  Leigh Howard ended up hurting his groin at the end of the game.  Would that come back to hurt his team as they advanced to the BMTFL Championship game?

The other semi final had 2 high scoring offenses taking on each other in Gabriel Pizza and the Dutchmen.  Luke Meppelder became an elite BMTFL quarterback on this day as he connected on a couple of long TD passes to Rob Fullarton and Scott Maycock.  Offensive secret weapon Shane Sugar Curless caught a tipped ball for a TD as well.  The defense stood strong behind the play of Nate Yeung and Craig Ellis in the secondary, and from rookie Clayton Dunnington rushing Reilly.  The final score was 31-18 or something like that as the Dutchmen advanced to the big show to face the Mothers.

The B side final had the well rested 1000 Island Pizza team taking on the Facebook Friends.  Both teams were hungry for the victory, but only one of them came to play.  Tim Caldwell was on fire, hitting his targets all over the field.  Eric Knapp had 8 sacks to earn Player of the Game honors.  The final score was 21-7 1000 Islands Pizza as they became the B Champions.

In the League Championship game, it was all Dutchmen early.  Luke and Robbie connected a couple times and Scott Maycock took a Howard errant pass back to the house as they went up 21 early.  They didn't let up as the Dutchmen keep the foot on the throttle and ended up winning the game 33-0.  Great season for the Dutchmen. Congrats to first time Captain Rob Fullarton and the rest of the team.