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BMTFL is the Brockville Men's Touch Football league. 14-16 teams play a 10 week season.
One hand touch with no blocking. Played on local fields on Sunday mornings
from September to November ending with the best banquet in town!
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2014 Season

November 10 2014

Another Great BMTFL season is complete. We had field issues this year which we will hope to avoid next year. But on the GOOD side of losing Commonwealth for 2 Weeks and TISS for most of the season, we saved some money. Those savings will be passed on as a donation to Brockville Youth Football. BMTFL is donating $500 to help support their league. Those we help may even be the future of the Men's league! (I forgot to announce the donation at the Banquet....I think the singing of Happy Birthday that night made me flustered!)
Next, I wish to let everyone know that the 12 large pizzas delivered to Commonwealth were a donation from Gabriel Pizza. Why not stop in and see Phil, and make sure you let him know how much we liked eating all that HOT pizza on a cold day. Phil....from BMTFL, Thank You!
Keystorm, huge Thanks for putting up with us again! We had a small BMTFL crowd this year. Lots of Prizes, servers always had smiles(I think), good food and cold beer!
The BMTFL group enjoyed making this year a success, and enjoyed the help when we needed it. Volunteer referees had to be juggled with field changes and Volunteers always stepped up. Doug Hone and Jeff Severson were volunteer refs on Saturday. I was back to check the field on Sunday.. Thank you to the last guys to leave the field for finishing the clean up.
Also, I hope everyone is enjoying the pictures. I took my usual amount....mostly using volunteer Photographers....Thanks Melanie and Katie who were usually at the fields doing the shooting. This year we also had Mariah Gallacher taking excellent pictures with her Camera. Her shots and Camera were perfect. Mariah posted many photos to the BMTFL group page on FaceBook. As well I posted many of them to the BMTFL Flickr page.....with more still to come from Saturday. Mariah runs Sunshine Photography and you can find it here.... or find it on facebook. Also, Mariah put together a video from the season..... See it on YouTube HERE
Ron Smith also added some professional photos. Maybe we will see BMTFL featured in the new RSN Sports Magazine?
Thanks to Dave Bolger, Colin Jardine, Mark Reilly and Tim Hatfield. It was hard to replace Tom Tobin this year. Tom helped make BMTFL the league it is today! Thanks Tom Tobin for all your years of excellence!
Already hearing about players wanting to return next year! That is great and makes it all worth the effort. Thanks to all the players and Captains for the 2014 Season. See you next year!

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2014 Champions are the Dutchmen
with a win over the Whistlin Mothers.

B Side Champions are 1000 Islands Pizza
winning over the FaceBook Friends.