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Our 42nd Season
of the Brockville Men's Touch Football league. 14-16 teams play a 10 week season.
One hand touch with no blocking. Played on local fields on Sunday mornings
from September to November ending with the best banquet in town!
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2017 Season

Nov 06 2017

What a great Super Saturday we had with the 2017 Finals.
Weather was cool. Games were good. Pizza was hot.
Championship Field pics start HERE(bottom of page).
Banquet HERE
We started with a close B-semi game with Snap beating Bobcats 13-12
The A semi had the Steelers with a strong win over the Keystorm 21-0
Then, the B side Final Ended with the Dutchmen winning the trophy over Snap Fitness.
Snap Fitness was unable to pull out another comeback win this year.
Final score 20-0
B-Side Winners The Dutchmen

The game the crowds showed up for! Championship game between the Farmers and the Steelers!
Farmers were victorious. Final score 29-12

We then moved onto the Banquet at the Keystorm.
It was a packed house with BMTFL and the Snowsuit drive with bands playing all day.
Top Defense went to Travis Wilson of the Wist'lin Mothers
Top Offense went to Chris Condon of the Marauders.

And we missed handing out the award to the top QB of the 2017 season.(Sorry Kyle)
Kyle Weatherston of the Marauders with 17 TDs in the regulars Season.

50-50 tickets paid out $215 to the winner.
BMTFL will give $600 to the Brockville food bank. The Mothers raised $460 at the BBQ. Thanks all!
We also donated $100 to the snowsuit drive
Snowsuits and donations can be dropped at the Keystorm until Dec 4th
Kinsmen Snowsuit drive HERE

Thanks to our Biggest Sponsor, Dan T of the Keystorm pub for making the best Banquet in town.
We had the best care with our servers at the Keystorm. We owe them a big thanks!(and maybe apologies? lol)

And Thank you to Snap Fitness for sponsoring prizes for the Banquet.
Thanks to Phil at Gabriel Pizza for the hot deliveries!

Big Thanks to Hoy and Smitty for awarding trophies. Original BMTFL from start of League.
Great pictures posted here from Sunshine Photography. HQ Pics

Find album pictures posted on Flickr. HERE
Go to spreadsheet and pick the tab. HERE

(An)Other Mother Winner - Erica!

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2017 Champions
The Farmers
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