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Our 45th Season
of the Brockville Men's Touch Football league. 14-16 teams play a 10 week season.
One hand touch with no blocking. Played on local fields on Sunday mornings
from September to November ending with the best banquet in town!
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2020 Season

June 11, 2021
With a heavy heart and much sadness, I want to let our Touch Football community know that we have lost a player. Micah Baerwald has passed away tragically. Micah has been playing the last few years with us and had a strong presence in the league. I offer condolences to his fiancé, Shannon and his family from BMTFL and personally from myself.
We will remember Micah. Here are some BMTFL moments. May these photos give you fond memories. Thank you Mariah for sharing these.

45th season!
Oct 25 2020
Pics are posted
Charity donations will go to the local foodband and Keystorm Snowsuit drive

Oct 24 2020
The 2020 season has been completed. We managed to get the entire season played.
The Marauders are the 2020 Champions. Beating the Bills in a nail biter with a kick through the endzone with 3 plays to go to win 26-25.
Bills barely beat the Ballistics in the semis. The Marauders beat Gabriel Pizza to get to the Championship game
Awards this year:
Offence: Todd Fawcett
Defence: Cliff Matthews
Quarterback: Mark Reilly
Rookie: Rob MacMillan
And the winner of the Johnny Mac award: Ian Spears
New awards from the refs for sportsmanship:
This is an appreciation from the refs
TISS fields: Offence Sportsmanship, Josh Parsons, Defence Cliff Matthews.
BCI fields: Offence Sportsmanship, Jacob White, Defence Dave Flood
Mothers awards still to come
Pictures will be posted tomorrow

Oct 19
Week 7 pics start HERE

Oct 18
So Week 7 Playoffs are complete. Match ups for Super Saturday are set. I mentioned in yesterdays email that we didn't cross conferences until the final but I was incorrect. We will cross over for the 10am games.
Commonwealth 10am Gabriel Pizza vs Marauders. Tiss 10am Bills vs Ballistics.
The winners of these 2 games will play at 1pm at Commonwealth for the BMTFL trophy!
Donations started rolling in today for Charity. The Whistlin' Mothers collected $105 today. I will be at the games on Saturday and will continue to collect for charity. BMTFL will match all donations up to $1000. We have collected in excess of $200 so far. We will put some money to the Keystorm snowsuit fund and some to Brockville food bank.
We won't be having a banquet this year due to the Covid limitations. We have had a different shorter season, but some great games. Thanks to all the players for the excellent season.
And thank you to all the players for your assistance keeping us in the Ontario rules structure for outdoor play.
Hope to see many of you next Saturday. Check your email before the weekend for any updates, or watch our facebook group page.

Oct 17
We have completed our regular season and tomorrow we begin our playoffs.
For some teams, tomorrow will be their last game of 2020. We have been fortunate to be able to run a season in these difficult times.

We are still restricted to 25 people at the fields. We were hoping that restrictions would ease but with the 25 person maximum we are unable to have any kind of banquet or celebration. So tomorrow, Sunday October 18th we will have pizza delivered to the fields from Gabriel Pizza after each game. 10:30 and 12:30.

For those that are able to donate money to charity, we will be collecting donations for the next 2 weeks for local food banks. BMTFL will match the donations to a maximum of $1000. Lets see if we can help those that need it the most.
Captains, please accept the donations from the players.

Championship Saturday will be very different from other years. Only 4 teams will play and the opposing conferences will meet at 1pm at Commonwealth to decide the 2020 Championship. I have had a request from BGH to ensure we park only in legal parking and not to use their hospital parking lots. They will have lots of activity on Saturday, most of it on Pearl street. Parking on Bartholomew will be fine as usual.

Thank you to everyone for helping to make this season run so well. We really needed this!

Cheers and good luck everyone.

Oct 11
Final standings regular season
Hoy-Hone Bubble Conference
Gabriel Pizza 5-1
Ballistics 3-3
Bucs 2-4
All Risk 2-4
Smith-Baker Bubble Conference
Bills 5-1
Dutchmen 4-2
Marauders 2-4
Mothers 1-5
Playoffs start next week
There will be no banquet this year but we will still be collecting during playoffs for charity
During week 7, we will collect for the food bank.
Week 8 will be Super Saturday with only 4 teams playing
Looks like we will get the whole season completed
Week 6 pics start here

Oct 04
Another great week of football
Let hope we can complete the season and no new Ontario Covid rules are imposed
Bills maintain their unbeaten streak with a last play TD over the Mothers
Dutchmen win over the Marauders
Gabriel Pizza win over the Bucks
All Risk gets first win with tight finish over Ballistics

Sept 27th
Week 4 pics posted
Only the Bills are 4-0
2 weeks left in reg season

Sept 25th
Pics are now posted
Only the Bills and Ballistics are 3-0
We will continue with 30 mins between games for now.

Sept 15th
Sorry for the late update.
A little rain on Sunday made the games interesting.
Wins for Ballistic, Gabriel Pizza, Dutchmen and Bills.
3 teams have a 2-0 record. 4 weeks left of regular season
TISS pics week 2 start Here

Sept 06
Week 1 complete. Scores posted on spreadsheet
Field pics from Commonwealth Wk01
Week01 winners, Mothers, Bills, Ballistics, Gabriel Pizza

Sept 03
Here we go. Team list on main spreadsheet, Teams tab.
You can also access this 2020 spreadsheet from the top menu

Sept 02
Draft was completed tonight for 8 teams
Games will begin Sept 06
Team lists will be posted Sept 03
Let 2020 begin

August 30th
The registration form has been turned off.
We have hit our limit of possible players
Draft will be Wednesday, Sept 2nd. Team lists will be up that night.

August 27, 2020 10:30pm
Please note: We now have enough players to field 8 teams
Any additional registrations will be on a waiting list.
We will use the waiting list to make numbers on all teams equal
As we confirm registrations, we will use the list and inform you if on draft list.
You can still complete the form until it gets turned off.

August 27, 2020
Here we are...likely final night of sign up
We had a tremendous email response.
There are still spots left as of 7:15pm
We will continue to accept names but can't guarantee spots for all.
We will not have a spares list this year.
Scroll down for guidelines
Here is the (form closed)
payment instructions: interac $60 to
Payment must be received by draft date next week.
Payments will be accepted don't panic. It's a big job accepting and matching.

2020 BMTFL Season - Proposed
These guidelines are subject to change.
Some guidelines:
- Spectators will have designated areas that they must remain in if they wish to watch games. They will not be allowed in the team bench areas.
- Spitting is not allowed for any reason. This is NOT a judgement call for the referees. Any spitting at the field will be penalized with an unsportsmanlike conduct (10-yards) for the first offense, then ejection for the second offense.
- Divisions are limited to a maximum of 50 people. This includes, players, coaches, referees etc.
- Each division will be compromised of no less than 4 teams of 11(or 12) players each.. Same referees for each division.
-There will be NO multi-team play. Players will be limited to playing with one team in one division. If one team is short players, the other team will match + 1 extra player.
- Subs if required, must come from within the same division. You cannot use a player(s) from another division
- Teams will still have to supply volunteer referees before or after game as per usual.
- All team captains will also be required to assist the league with several team related tasks.
So be prepared for a little more work prior to & during the season. Communication with team must be maintained weekly.
-2 divisons of 4 teams = 88+ players. Commonwealth division, TISS division. Calbrock division if enough interest for 44 more players? Play each team in your division twice for 6 games. Players and refs play all games at that field. Only 2 games will be played at each field per day starting at 9 am and 10:30
Sept 06, 13, 20, 27, Oct. 4, 11, Oct. 18 is semis – 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 in each division. Sat. Oct 24 is finals for each division. No crossover just division champs. B final and A final on championship day at each field.

August 26 2020 is our first attempt at having a BMTFL 2020 season.
Please read the guidelines. HERE
For 24 hours starting tonight, Aug 26th, registration is open to those that requested to be on email list
Tomorrow night, Aug 27th, registration will open here at the website.
This year will likely only have 8 teams of 11 or 12 players.
Once we have reached that number, registration will be closed
And as a reminder, the season could be cancelled due to new regulations.
Season will begin Sept 6th and likely end October 24th
If we have a banquet, it will likely be at the field on Super Saturday.
Draft will likely be late next week.
To register, you must complete the Google form and agree to the waiver.
Payment must be made....include your full name, to be drafted.
If problems with Google Form, contact ASAP.
Ensure you get a Google confirmation that your registration was completed.
Lets get out there and have some fun. Safely!

August 25 2020

2020 has been a different year for sure. It looks like we can run the 2020 BMTFL season with limited teams.

Starting Aug26th, we will open registration to those that have emailed with an interest to play in 2020.

We will limit the league to 8 teams. It will be a shortened season, likely with the banquet held on Super Saturday at the football field.

We will have the 2020 rules posted on the website tomorrow and they may change or possibly the season could get cancelled anytime due to Covid restrictions. Waiver agreed and payment of $60 must be received to be drafted.

The league will start early this year and begin on September 6th. We will have 6 weeks of regular season with playoffs and championship to follow.

Registration will only be open for 1 week or until 8 teams are filled.
We reserve the right to reject Non-Brockville players from playing.

We have a great league with many dedicated players. Lets play safe.


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