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Our 47th Season
of the Brockville Men's Touch Football league. 14-16 teams play a 10 week season.
One hand touch with no blocking. Played on local fields on Sunday mornings
from September to November ending with the best banquet in town!
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2022 Season

Nov 13, 2022
Season is complete. Brockville Pressure Washing Dutchmen claimed the 2022 trophy over Gabriel Pizza.
Good game with really decent weather at 13 degrees and the rain held off.
Semi-finals had Gabriel Pizza win a close 7-0 over the Cowboys to advance.
The other semi-final had Brockville Pressure Washing Dutchmen win over the Marauders to advance.
The B side trophy went to Team Ramrod with a win over 1000 Islands Brewmen 13-6
The Banquet followed at the Keystorm.
Volunteer refs from Championship Saturday were given a big Thank you. Thanks to Robert Jelly, Yona Blondin, Mike Raycroft, Justin Chaisson, Bruce Currie and Brian Piet
Thank you for stepping up and helping the league run smoothly.
Nick Tobin won the Offense award with 53 pts
Cliff Matthews won the Defence award with 16 sacks
Luke Meppedler won the QB award with 28 TDs
Top Rookie was Bryen Piet
Thanks went out to Dan, Amanda and the Keystorm staff for hosting and helping with our Banquet
We missed thanking Troy Wilson for the shuttle service from the field. Very low usage, but hopefully we can encourage players to use this service next year. So now we say Thank you Troy.
Thanks to Matt Seary for the sound system that Tim "the loudest" Hatfield was using for commentary
We also raised $1000 at the charity BBQ. 50/50 raised just short of $600. An amazing amount!
Winner of the 50/50 was Travis Wilson who quickly donated back to Charity. Thank you Travis!
And the big news is we received sponsorship from ELDRIGE ELECTRIC to pay for the paint we used on the fields in 2022
Thank you Curtis Eldrige. That was very generous and very good timing
Colin Jardin helped measure the fields to perfection. Then BMTFL kept painting them.
We are still counting but expect to donate $1500 to the local food bank
We will also add $300 to our previous donation of $140 to the collection at the Keystorm for the Snowsuit fund
Hopefully in 2023 we can do more lines making the fields better. We do miss school football now that they don't play
The Whist'lin Mothers awards had Jacob White winning the President vote for 2023. Jacob also won the Golden Boot. Tyler Knapp won the Rookie Award taking the Golden Slipper home.
Field Pics are posted (start page)
Banquet pics will be posted soon!
Great season everyone and see you next year.

Nov 06,2022
Great second week of playoffs. Weather was amazing!
The B final is now set between Team Ramrod and 1000 Islands Brewmen
Ramrod beat Purple Jellys, Brewmen beat Snap Fitness
We have 4 teams left for the A Championship
Gabriel Pizza advances with a win over Pastime Peelers
Marauders beat the Whist'lin Mothers
Cowboys knocked out the Miracle Maid Maniacs
Brockville Pressure Washing Dutchmen won over Collard Greens
Next weeks matchups are Dutchmen vs Marauders
Gabriel Pizza vs Cowboys
Super Saturday is Saturday, November 12th
Championship game will be played at Commonwealth at 1:30pm
For the first time ever, we will have a shuttle running from Commonwealth field to the Keystorm after the Championship game. So get dropped at the field and use the shuttle.
Banquet starts at 4pm, Awards start at 5pm.
Week 9 pics start on this page

Oct 30, 2022
Great first week of playoffs
Marauders go A side with a win over Snap Fitness
Miracle Maid Maniacs pulled off an A side win over Team Ramrod
Gabriel Pizza is A side with win over Purple Jellys
Cowboys bump 1000 Island Brewmen to the B side with a win
Whist'lin Mothers go A with a win over the Collard Greens with both going to A side
And the tightest finish gave the Brockville Pressure Washing Dutchmen a 1 pt win over the Pastime Peelers with both going to the A side
Check the schedule for week 2 playoff games
Lots of good pics this week to from Commonwealth
Week 8 pics start bottom of this page HERE
HQ picture album week 8 starts here

Oct 25, 2022
Some new HQ pics from Sunday at TISS. Take a look in this album

Oct 23, 2022
Regular season is completed
Play off match-ups are posted on the spreadsheet schedule
No spares can be used during now is the time to play!
Week 7 TISS Pics start here

Oct 19, 2022
Crossover Week 6 had some good matchups.
Brockville Pressure Washing Dutchmen had a big win over Gabriel Pizza.
Team Ramrod squeaked a win with kicking it through the endzone over snap fitness
Pastime Peelers held the Purple Jellys to no points for a 20-0 win
1000 Islands Brewmen had a 31-0 win over Miracle Maid Maniacs
Marauders took down the Whist'lin Mothers 13-6
Cowboys finished the game 28-7 over Collard Greens
Week 7 is the final regular season games
Week 6 Pics start here

Oct 10, 2022
Week 6 match ups are now set. See the schedule
Only 2 weeks left in the regular season
Week 6 matchups are:
Gabriel pizza(4-1) vs Brockville Pressure Washing Dutchmen(5-0)
Team Ramrod(3-2) vs Snap Fitness(3-2)
Pastime Peelers(1-4) vs Purple Jellys(2-3)
1000 Islands Brewmen(1-4) vs Miracle Maid Maniacs(0-5)
Whist'lin Mothers(2-3) vs Marauders(2-3)
Collard Greens(3-2) vs Cowboys(4-1)
For week 4 drone pictures, use tab top of page
Check out the drone video on the youtube page. BMTFL YOUTUBE

Oct 4, 2022
First cold weather starting to settle in
We had a good Charity BBQ and both food and cash donations were excellent.
Harps BBQ and Chili and beans were fantastic.
Thanks to everyone, and there are still e-tfr donations coming in so the final tally will be announced at the banquet and the our 2022 charity
Lots of pictures are uploaded. Wk04 starts here
And thanks to Tim Millar for the drone photos and video. Great new perspective
Check out the video on the youtube page. BMTFL YOUTUBE
Currently some drone photos on FB page.....hope to have them on Flikr soon for those not on FB
See you next week!

Sept 25, 2022
Week 3 completed. Good weather so far
Gabriel Pizza had a big win over Collard Greens, 31-6
1000 Islands Brewmen had their first win, 16-7 over Team Ramrod
Marauders had their second win of season, 20-13 over Pastime Peelers
Brockville Pressure Washing Dutchmen downed the Mothers 19-0
Cowboys took down the Miracle Maid Maniacs 12-0
19-12 for Purple Jellys over Snap Fitness
Next week is our first crossover games...Exiciting week as well as the Charity BBQ. Thanks to Harps for supplying his BBQ trailer.
Please check the spreadsheet for food/supply donations. Bring your family and lets hope for good weather!
Lots of good pics this week....Wk3 starts here.

Sept 18, 2022
Week 2 completed on a rainy Sunday but warm
The wins and losses will add up for Week 7...see the schedule
Very few pictures from week 2....too wet

Sept 11 2022
Week 1 completed with abnormal sunny warm weather
Cowboys beat Snap Fitness, Marauders beat Brockville Football Team
Whistl'n Mothers beat Miracle Maid Ravens without their president playing
Collard Greens beat Team Ramrod, Gabriel Pizza beat Pastime Peelers
Dutchmen beat Purple Jellys
Week 2 schedule will be posted soon! Charity BBQ will be Oct 2nd
Week 1 field pictures start Here

Sept 09, 2022
The draft was completed Sept 8th.
To see Team lists and first week schedule, go to the 2022spreadsheet tab at top of this page.
Your Captain should have already contacted you with their contact info. Keep good communication with your team.
Good luck and have a great Season!

Season will begin Sunday, Sept 11th. Season length will be 10 weeks with the Championship games and Banquet on last Saturday.


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