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Our 48th Season
of the Brockville Men's Touch Football league. 12-16 teams play a 10 week season.
One hand touch with no blocking. Played on local fields on Sunday mornings
from September to November ending with the best banquet in town!
Since 1975
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2023 Season

Nov 30
Prize #1 was claimed by Greg Cowan on the Monday
Prize #4 was donated to charity
Field pics are uploaded starting here
Banquet pics here
We have some more coverage in the next 1000 Islands Sports Report magazine coming out soon
Check your email...We are looking to order BMTFL hoodies for sale if we get enough interest

Nov 19
Congratulations to Snap Fitness for winning the 2023 Championship. Snap beat Dutchmen in a comeback win with 1 play left to win 14-12 to advance to the finals
The Leather Heads tied the Pastime Peelers in regular time and took 4 rounds of OT converts to win in sudden death to advance to the finals vs Snap Fitness
Snap won the final 7-6.
Marauders won the B Championship in a tight finish 14-13
Offensive player of the year was Matt Pettam
Defensive player of the year for 5th year, Cliff Matthews
Rookie of the year was Maddix St Louis
Johnny Mac Award went to Rick Carriere
New Snapper Award presented from Adam McNish went to Mike Raycroft
And for our most cherished trophy, the Michah Baerwald Sportsmanship award went to Mike Raycroft
And thanks to Mike and Harps Smokin' BBQ for the help with our charity BBQ
Thanks to Matt Seary and Curtis Eldridge for their donation to our banquet
Amazing job from all the Keystorm staff for helping us enjoy our Banquet

For our charity fundraiser, we raised just over $1115 from draws and donors to go with our $1400 from the BBQ
Ticket winners can contact Greg any way you want, or use to claim your prize or arrange pick up.
You have 10 days to notify us of your winning ticket or the prize will be auctioned off to the league

Prize #1 Kelseys date night UNCLAIMED Blue ticket 02865985
Prize #2 Horse ride date WINNER BJ Workman Green Ticket 03318441
Prize #3 Coors Umbrella WINNER Troy Wilson Blue Ticket 02865544
Prize #4 Cooler/BMW stuff UNCLAIMED Green Ticket 03318403
Prize #5 Ice Bucket Winner Tim Millar Green Ticket 03318260

Field pictures from Commonwealth will be uploaded soon. Lots to sort through
Banquet pics will be up after the field pics.
Great season. See you next year.

Check your email for the form to vote for Sportsmanship award and the new Snapper Award
If you didn't get the email, let us know at

Nov 13
Super Saturday Updates*******
Start with the important info. We will be selling tickets for prizes to raise more donations for the Keystorm snowsuit drive and the Harvest Sharing Food bank in Brockville.
All tickets will go into one draw for the prizes. Bring cash. Tickets will be 3 for $5, 10 for $10, and the long 25 for $20.
All tickets will be cash, but if you want to send interac before Saturday, send as you make league payment and indicate name and payment for tickets. We will send you your numbers and contact you if you win a prize.
Prizes to be drawn as follows:
#1: $100 Kelsey's Roadhouse voucher, A dozen roses and 1 hour of Axe throwing. Sounds like a perfect date night for the winner!
#2: Horse Trail ride for 2, $50 LCBO card, $25 A&W card, plus a $20 Starbucks card. Looks like another Date night prize.
#3: Coors Light Patio Umbrella, Coors glasses, and other accessories. Use this for date night and it might be your last!
#4: Various other prize draws from the donors listed below.
The draw will be at the banquet and you will have 1 week to claim your prize(s) before they will be auctioned off to league players.
Troy Wilson did the leg work to get prizes from the following: Ottos BMW, Tire Discounter Group, Cornwall Mercedes, Donnelly Ford, Bensons Auto Parts, Fort Garry Stables, Troy's Automotive, Molson Canada, Mac Tools-Bob Ray, Kelseys Roadhouse Brockville, Flowers Brockville Kent Blvd, Liquimoly, Starbucks Brockville.
Hoping for some happy prize winners!
Oh, and btw, we also have some football games on Saturday, Nov 18th:
9:30 TISS A semis: The Leather Heads vs Pastime Peelers
9:30 Commonwealth A semis: Dutchmen vs Snap Fitness
11:30 Commonwealth B final: Miracle Maid Maniacs vs Marauders
1:30 Commonwealth Championship 2023: Winner vs Winner
4pm Keystorm Pub Brockville Banquet: Awards and draws 4:45 pm with dinner being served at 5:30pm
Thanks for all your donations and fantastic sportsmanship in 2023
Greg, Tim, Pierce

Nov 12
What a playoff weekend. Super Saturday is now set for the Semi's
The B Championship will be between the Marauders and Miracle Maid Maniacs
Marauders beat Team Ramrod 26-20 to advance
Miracle Maid Maniacs beat the 1000 Islands Brewmen to play on Saturday
On the A side, Snap Fitness beat the Giants 26-6 to advance
Dutchmen beat the Whist'lin Mothers 26-6 to advance
Snap Fitness will play Dutchmen next Saturday
Pastime Peelers beat Gabriel Pizza 27-6 to advance
The new Leather Heads won over Yellow Jackets 27-12
That sets up Saturday with the Leather Heads playing the Peelers
Semi Finals will be played at 9:30am for the A side
B Championship game will play at Commonwealth at 11:30
The Championship game plays at Commonwealth at 1:30pm
Pics from TISS are uploaded starting HERE
Pic of the week is a rare shot of someone actually making a catch!
Banquet starts at 4pm at the Keystorm. Awards will be at 4:45pm

Nov 05
First week of Playoffs complete and separated group A from Group B for the finals
An amazing finish at Commonwealth had the underdog Yellow Jackets win an OT shootout against Gabriel Pizza
Jackets win 29-28 over Gabs
But Gabs will move to the A side with the 1 pt loss
Whist'lin Mothers had a close win 26-21 sending the Marauders to the B side
In a repeat matchup from Wk08, The Dutchmen won the playoff game 31-12 over Miracle Maid Maniacs. Maids will play on the B side next week
Snap Fitness pulled out a win over Team Ramrod, 13-7, with Ramrod going B side
A tough finish for the Giants winning the game until near the end and losing 19-18 to the Pastime Peelers. But the Giants bounce back to the A side with that close 1 pt loss
The first year Leather Heads advance to A side with a 21-6 win over the now B side 1000 Islands Brewmen
Wk10 schedule is set. Wk 09 Pictures are uploaded starting HERE

Oct 29
Hoy-Hone Conference
Gabriel Pizza 7-1-0
Marauders (1-0) 4-4-0
Miracle Maids (0-1) 4-4-0
1000 Islands Brewmen (1-0) 3-5-0
Giants (0-1) 3-5-0
Team Ramrod 2-6-0

Smith-Baker Conference
Snap Fitness 5-2-1
Pastime Peelers (1-0) 5-3-0
The Leather Heads (0-1) 5-3-0
Dutchmen (0-0-1), 100 PA 3-4-1
Whistlin' Mothers (0-0-1), 113 PA 3-4-1
Yellow Jackets 2-5-1

Week 8 was reasonable weather, cold but rain held off
At Commonwealth, the Mothers took another win 13-8 over Team Ramrod
Second game had The Leather Heads pull out a last regular season win over 1000 Islands Brewmen 14-8
Gabriel Pizza finished the regular season with the best record at 7-1 beating Pastime Peelers 21-12
Exciting games at TISS where all the pictures were taken this week.
Giants beat the Yellow Jackets in a close finish by a score of 13-7
Miracle Maid Maniacs barely beat the struggling Dutchmen with only 7 players. Score was close at 13-6
I believe the maniacs can maybe thank D. Flood for his great hit to stop a possible game changing interception (smiling when I write that)
The final game at TISS had another 13-6 win. This time Snap Fitness beat the Marauders.

Match ups are set for First Week of Playoffs.
Wk08 Pics start here

Oct 22
Wet and Cold. Maybe more of these days?
First game at Commonwealth had pictures as it wasn't raining then
The Leather Heads came out on top 18-0 over the Whistlin Mothers
The Heads are 4 and 3 with the Mothers struggling at 2 wins and 4 losses this season
A tie is pretty rare this season, but the Yellow Jackets and Snap Fitness came up even at 20-20
Snap is sitting second in their division at 4-2 and 1 Tie. Yellow Jackets currently sitting last at 2-4 and 1 tie.
Gabriel Pizza pulled out a win 20-6 over 1000 Islands Brewmen. Gabriel remains at the top of their conference at 6 and 1
Brewmen not far behind in 3rd at 3 wins and 4 losses
At TISS, the Giants took down the Marauders to help their season with a score of 12-0
The last place Giants are 2W, 4L with that win over the second place Marauders.
Miracle Maid Maniacs took a W over Team Ramrod 19-6. Maids sitting in 4th with Ramrod close behind in 5th
The First place Peelers took a win over the struggling Dutchmen who have fallen to 4th with the loss.
Close game in wet weather with a score of 13-12.
Week 8 crossover schedule is up for the last week of the Regular season.
Week 7 Field Pics start here

Oct 15
Week 6 was a little cool, a little wet, and fun!
First game at Commonwealth saw The Leather Heads lose a close one 19-18 to Gabriel Pizza. Gabriel Pizza remains at the top of the Hoy-Hone conference at 5 and 1
Middle game saw Snap Fitness win big over the Giants, 32-0. This moves Snap Fitness to the top of the Smith-Baker conference on points at 4 wins, 2 losses.
Last game at Commonwealth was tight and back and forth. Marauders came out on top 22-18 over Dutchmen. A surprising drop for the Dutchmen from the top of the conference to third with the loss
At TISS, the Yellow Jackets got their second win of the season over Team Ramrod, 25-6
Here is the biggest win of the week. Pastime Peeler win by 1 point to move to second in the Smith-Baker conference. The game was a nailbiter with the Peelers winning big with a score of 1-0 over 1000 Islands Brewmen.
Not sure we have seen a game with this score in many years
Final game at TISS had Miracle Maid Maniacs winning over the Whist'lin Mothers 26-14
Great week.....but still no Team pictures. WEEK 7 is Team Picture week! Get your pictures in
Only 2 weeks of the regular season remain.
Field pics are uploaded for Commonwealth game 2 and 3
Week 6 Field Pics start here

Oct 08
Big change in the weather since last week. More like fall now!
Lets start with the early game at Commonwealth. Dutchmen vs the Whist'lin Mothers
The Mothers scored first late in the first half, 6 pts. Then second half each team scored another 6 pts. And for the second week, the Dutchmen scored with less than 5 plays and tied the game. Dutchmen went for 1 point but the double rush stopped them. Ended 12-12 for the first tie game of the season.
Miracle Maid Maniacs pounded the whole game and beat the Giants 25-6
No game highlights from Gabriel Pizza vs Marauders, but final score favoured Gab's 27-6
At TISS, The 1000 Islands Brewmen win over Team Ramrod 15-0 in the middle battle of the Hoy-Hone Conference
Snap Fitness had a close win over The Leather Heads by a score of 19-13
The underdog Yellow Jackets get their first win of the season over Pastime Peelers. Score of 19-6
After 5 weeks, the Dutchmen are at the top of the Smith-Baker conference
Gabriel Pizza is leading the Hoy-Hone conference.

Week 3 and week 4 pictures uploaded yesterday. Week 5 pics uploaded.

Week 5 Field Pics start here

Oct 02
Week 4 was an incredible sunny and warm day for Oct 1st. Some would say too hot for our atheletes
Crossover games generated a lot of fun and excitement to go along with the Charity BBQ
First, I want to thank Mike Harper and Harp's Smokin' BBQ for all their help. And the new charity format paid off with over $1200 in donations with more pledged to come in by interac.
If you still want to give, send an interac to Thank you to everyone for donating
Now the reason we were all out there Sunday morning.
Crossover games at TISS:
Early game had the Pastime Peelers struggling in week 4 with a 19-0 loss to Team Ramrod with Fawcett, Wilson and White each getting 6
Whist'lin Mothers took down the Giants 18-12. With Jelly scoring 2 and Curry 1 for the winners
With Jacob and Dallas missing, Benson stepped up as QB as well as the defense with 3 interceptions.
Mother's game ball winner was QB zach

The Games at Commonwealth also didn't dissapoint the fans
Early game saw the sun coming up and Snap fitness came out on top 20-7 over Miracle Maid Maniacs
Scoring for the winners was Lefebvre, McGuire and Fullarton.
For the Maids, we saw a triple likely never to be seen again. Jordan Flood scored a TD, reffed a game and cooked on the BBQ.
Second game saw smoke from the BBQ starting to drift across the field but the game went on
Another great matchup between 1000 Islands Brewmen vs Yellow Jackets had a 22-0 win for Brewmen
Brewmen came out on top with Lefebvre getting 2 TDs, Stevenson with 1 and Seary with 4 Points.
Next game, Big crossover between the new and the older
New to the league, The Leather heads snuck out a low scoring win over the Marauders with Zanchetta scoring for Leatherheads 7-0
The closing game of the day was a crowd pleaser. The Dutchmen vs Gabriel Pizza.
Game was low scoring for the first half
It looked good for Gab's going late into the game with a 14-13 lead. But with less than 5 plays to go on short yardage, the guy with the new white gloves from Amazon delivered overnight, caught a rare TD to help Dutchmen win the game.
Gab's had scores from Paul and Labbett. Dutchmen had Mepps run in a TD, Drury with a long bomb and Cowan with a short game clincher
It was an exciting finish to the day, but unfortuately we did have some season ending field injuries.
As for pics, I will try and get last weeks and this weeks up to date soon. Sorry for the delay

Week 4 Field Pics start here

Sept 24
Week 3 is complete
After 5 shutouts in Week 1, no more shutouts in week 2 or 3
At Commonwealth, Marauders pulled out a win against Miracle Maid Maniacs. It came down to the final plays to decide the winner.
Game 2 had the Pastime Pelers win over The Leather Heads, 13-6
Game 3 was a huge win for Gabriel Pizza 47-6 over Team Ramrod.
Early game at TISS had the Giants with their first win of 2023. Giants win 13-6 over 1000 Islands Brewmen. Giants QB Leigh almost ran in a TD too
Snap Fitness had a win over the Whist'lin Mothers 13-7. Mothers QB Dallas was slinging hard but the receivers ate too much popcorn(read: J white) But Mothers, Currey came up with a big interception
Last game at TISS was a banger. Dutchmen win 21-12 over the Yellow Jackets. Dutchmen QB Mepps threw no TDs but did run in a 45 yard TD right down the middle. Then Cheese came up with....gasp....kick off return TD up the middle with way too much running...just ask him!

Lots of pics from both fields and will be posted soon

Week 3 Field Pics start here

Sept 21
Annual Charity BBQ is Oct 1st at Commonwealth.
Come watch the crossover games and enjoy a BBQ
This year we won't ask for food donations. The league will buy the food
Burgers, Hot dogs and sausages from The Butcher Shop with the help and BBQ from Harps Smokin' BBQ and Catering
Bring your family. All is free but we appreciate cash donations(or interac)
This year we will be donating to the Keystorm Snowsuit fund and Harvest Sharing Food bank.
Hoping to find matching donations from Corporations or Banks again
Last year we raised over $1000 from the BBQ and $600 from 50/50 draw
In total, BMTFL was responsible for over $3400 donated last year.
Thanks to everyone in the League for being so generous
Lets hope for good weather and see you October 1st

Sept 18
Great weather for week 2. Warm and sunny
4 Games at Commonwealth with the Terry Fox run being held at TISS.
Pictures from all 4 games posted.
At TISS, the Pastime Peelers pulled out their second win of the season with a 19-7 win over Snap fitness
The Marauders also with second win, 34-6 over Team Ramrod at TISS.
At Commmonwealth, game 1 was a good matchup between the Leather Heads and Dutchmen
Dutchmen came up short with 6 points against The Leather Heads 14. That also keeps the Leather Heads at 2-0
Gabriel Pizza finished with a strong 33-6 win over the Giants.
Game 3 was a nail biter. Whistliin Mothers squeaked a 13-12 win over the Yellow Jackets. The Mothers game ball winner was Dallas Michel for bouncing back from last week and catching his own pass
The final game had 1000 Islands Brewmen beating the Miracle Maid Ravens 16-13
Week 3 is a normal schedule week with Week 4 being the Charity BBQ

Week 2 Field Pics start here

Sept 10, 2023
Rainy Week 1 completed.
5 0f 6 games were shutouts
At Commonwealth, some pics were taken from game 1
Snap Fitness was missing their Captain/QB for week 1 and the Dutchmen took full advantage. Meppelder threw TDs to Dane Adams, Cheese and Zach Carboneau for a 21-0 victory
Team Ramrod didn't let the rain slow them down. Moose hit new WR Steve Craig-Pettam for 2 TDs showing not only can he throw but he can catch. Last seasons Offence Player of the year, Nick Tobin pulled in a TD. Giants lose 19-0
The final game at Commonwealth had the Marauders slice a big win over 1000 Islands Brewmen, 34-0
Weatherston tossed TDs to Gottfried, Ryan Harper for 2 and ran one in.
At Tiss, no game recaps sent
Whist'lin Mothers lost 12-0 to the Pastime Peelers
Gabriel Pizza took down Miracle Maid Ravens 14-6 with the only losing team that scored in Week 1
The Brand new Leather Heads took their first win 19-0 over the Yellow Jackets
Week 2 schedule will be up soon and pics from Week 1 are posted.

Week 1 Field Pics start here

Sept 08, 2023
Draft is complete. Use the 2023 spreadsheet link at top of page to see the team lists
First games are Sunday, Sept 10th. See spreadsheet for schedule. First week will be posted soon.

Sept 03,2023
Registration is closed. Full roster of players. Contact to get on waiting list.
Email with name and all contact info. Say if you want waiting list and spares list.
You will be informed if you make the draft and then payment will be required
12 teams for 2023

August 15
2023 Season
Here we go again! Sign ups are beginning. $80 for adults, $40 for HS Students
Registration is now open. Online or in Person at the Keystorm.
Registration will close Saturday, SEPTEMBER 2nd AT 6PM - FIRM

NEW FOR 2023 Registration is complete when payment is received. Avoid the waiting list and sign up early.

Once we hit players for 12 teams, you will be notified you are on the waiting list until we get enough players for 14 teams.

For Online, read the waiver and acknowledge on the registration form.
Payment best by Interac with full name, to
Use FOOTBALL as the interac PW



For signing up with a real person:
You can sign up at the Keystorm Pub or complete the online form and pay in person.
Keystorm: Wednesday, Aug 23 @ 6-8pm
Keystorm: Tuesday, Aug 29 @ 6-8pm (Could be waiting list)

$80 for Adults, $40 High School

Season will begin Sunday, Sept 10th. Season length will be 11 weeks with the Championship games and Banquet on Saturday, Nov 18th

August 13th
Registration info will be emailed and posted this week.
Registration will close Sept 2nd with a waiting list.
Draft day is Sept 7th
First games will be Sept 10th
Get your payment and registration in early to avoid the waiting list


Join us on TWITTER! @BMTFL
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